Black Friday Wig Sale: A Clear Guide Before Shopping

Black Friday is finally here!If you plan on shopping wig this season, this guide will show you what is best for you! This year, we not only offer great deals to our customers, but also have new collections launching just for the holiday season!  Keep on reading to find the best deal and wigs for you!

This year, we offer different deals for our precious customers.

  1. $30 OFF for all wigs with code: BlACKFRIDAY

For this deal, the more you buy, the more you can save. If you buy 2 wigs, you will get $60 off. If you buy 3 wigs, you get $90 off. This is a great deal for people who would like to choose many different styles of wigs to satisfy their wig demand throughout the year.

  1. $35 OFF for ONLY new collections (Hidden Glam, Reverse Ombre) use code: LIMITED


Hidden Glam and Reverse Ombre are the two collections we invented and launched for the 2020 holiday season.

Hidden Glam is a trending style that is now going viral on many social media platforms. The contrast hair dye design is very unique and makes you the brightest one in the crowd. Whether you are going out for a party or having dinner with friends and family, this hair makes you special and beautiful. We offer five different colors in this collection to let you choose. For girls with warm skin tone, Livia, Millie, and Rosie will match your skin tone nicely. For girls with cool skin tone, Lavender and Charlee are the best for you. However, every girl has a favorite color. Choosing the one you love most is your perfect choice.

Reverse Ombre is a gorgeous design and style you must try in 2020. Many wig gurus are wearing this style. Normally, an ombré hair is dark at the roots and light at the ends. However, Reverse Ombré is even more beautiful than the normal ombré. We offer 4 colors in this collection. Each of them is unique and gorgeous. Zuri wig can be a perfect everyday hairstyle. Gloria is the most romantic style in my opinion. Harriet and Scarlet are also fabulous.

Besides the two collections we just introduced, we also launched a brand new pixie wig collection. If you are the girl who always loves cool short hair, this is the one for you. We offer three different looks in this collection. Look 1 is a restyled curly bob of look 2, and it will reverse to tighter curls after washing it or wearing it for a while. Look2 is a curly look with permanent curls. Those curls are low maintenance and mimic your natural hair. Look 3 is a retro look with a curled up and flipped back style. Adding curls on bangs across the forehead keeps more focus on your eyes. And the layered curls in the back do a great job at adding volume for this look. You can choose the one that fits you best.


Last but not least, we have many 4-in-1 HD lace frontal wig restocked. Due to Covid-19, many companies are not able to produce lace frontal wigs. That’s why many companies are now selling machine made wigs. However Hairvivi has in house factory and production chain, we still can produce the lace frontal wigs. We also improve many of our lace frontal wigs to HD lace frontal wigs, which gives you the most natural hairline and invisible lace results. Each Hairvivi wig is made with efforts and sweats. We hand sewed each hair and fake scalp, clean bleached every knot, produced the most comfortable elastic band.


After all this information, I believe you made your choices. Hope you enjoy all our new collections and also love the wigs you chose.