Why are Headband Wigs Going Viral? The Secrets of the Wig Industry!

Headband wigs have started gathering huge attention recently, especially after the most critical moments of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. You may wonder, “what’s going on?” “how come headband wigs are gaining such a following recently?”. Your worries are no different from ours, however, we might have something to quench your curiosity already.

What are headband wigs?

It's not even a weird question because the way lace wigs stormed the beauty marketplace around 2018, headband wigs probably never had breathing space. However, headbands are the materials we all know about that keep hair away from the face and add a bit of swag to your appearance. So simply, headband wigs are hair attached to headbands.

headband wig

Why Headband Wigs are Going Viral.

Some people think that viral headband wigs are just another trend like it happens every couple of years or so that new products storm the market. However, this is different. Companies have been deliberately pushing the headband wigs in the beauty market. 

So what's happening? You already know that companies are the ones pushing it. Yet there is no smoke without a fire. The best thing so far since the introduction of wigs is the lace wigs. And if companies weren't pushing headband wigs, lace wigs would be taking the forefront.

However, the fire beneath this smoke is that many companies do not have the facilities that lace wig production requires available to them anymore.

The direct result is that the lace wigs are scarce in the market now. From what we've discussed so far, they are indeed generally preferred to headband wigs. But the lack of human labor and the conspiracy of the wig-making companies to push the headband types makes it seem like lace wigs are no longer in trend. 

Well here's the lowdown on the situation. The impact of the novel Coronavirus caused North Korea to take some necessary action to keep the virus in check. Hence, they shut down factories which included those that make lace wigs. The people who handmade the wigs wouldn't be able to work. As if to make matters worse the country's borders were shut too.  

Hence, no import or export activity. And that's how the availability of lace wigs was made scarce and the companies began pushing the headband wigs to keep profits rolling in. 

What are Lace Wigs?

So, what are these lace wigs? If you haven't tried lace wigs, by beauty trends standards, you're missing out. If you've ever imagined wearing a wig that would make you look and feel like you're in your natural hair, then, this is it. See, celebrities seem to be the major participants when it comes to using lace wigs.

lace front wig

Lace wigs are handmade making them more expensive than any other wig. And since they are the preferred type, let's take a look at some advantages over headband wigs.

Advantages of Lace Wigs over Headband Wigs.

  • With a lace base, the wigs fit so that you think it's natural hair plus they pay special attention to the hairline part.


lace front wig realistic hairline


lace front wig realistic hairline
  • In fact, the natural outlook of the lace wig goes a long way to boost confidence
  • On the other hand, with hand-tied hair on the lace front, lace wigs makes the wig looks more natural and realistic.
lace front wig
 Also the natural and deep parting space make lace front wig more attractive.
lace front wig
 While, headband wigs do not have a hairline look or parting space, since they are all machine-made. And machines can make them without any direct human intervention. Meanwhile, some of the companies sell machine-made wigs at the expensive price even it’s all machine made at low cost.
    • Also, lace wigs are more comfortable and you can wear them for longer periods.
    • Finally, you can create more styles using the lace hair wigs. The headbands create a restriction on styling.
      lace front wig

    The Hairvivi 4-in1 wig

    Yet lace wigs are not extinct. At Hairvivi, despite the pandemic hitting us hard too, we have our means of production to keep the making of lace wigs going. The production rate is low but we still keep an emphasis on quality in the interest of esteemed customers.

    For instance, the Hairvivi 4-in-1 wig is hand made. It features the invisi-scalp, pre-plucked hairline, and pre-bleached knots so that the hairline area is clean.

    lace front wig

    Eventually, you would realize that the trend of the headband wigs is originally a result of the novel Coronavirus. The effect of the pandemic caused the North Korean government to shut its borders. This means that wig companies could no longer sell the lace wigs as it was becoming scarce.

    The idea struck them to promote the headband wigs to kill the lace wig trends and keep the wig venture profitable. The plan is working, else there wouldn't be a need for this piece. However, the trend only seems temporary and as soon as companies figure out a way to get mass production of lace wigs, the trend will shoot up once again.