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360 Lace Wigs

Check 360 lace wigs out if you are a fan of the high ponytail or high bun. 360 lace frontal wigs have lace all around allowing more versatilities of styling.

A 360 wig is completed with 360 lace frontal and sewin bundles in the middle, for the lace around it has 4 inches parting length in the front and 2 inches at the back. 

The Difference

What makes Hairvivi 360 wigs different is we use 360 frontal and bundles at the same length for a certain length wig. You won’t see a 16” 360 wig made of 14-inch 360 frontal and 16-inch bundles here. 

Every unit at Hairvivi is an easy-to-use wig for beginners, add your beginner-friendly 360 wigs to your closet now!