13x6 Clean Bleached Knots Zoom In Challenge!

What is 13x6 Clean Bleached Knots?

Hairvivi’s 13x6 clean bleached knots is a perfect combination of professional bleaching knots technique and special hair hand-tied method. It makes Hairvivi wigs look like growing out of the scalp, no black dots. You are in no need of bleaching or plucking for a Hairvivi wig.

How Does Hairvivi Make the Knots Clean Bleached?

The Differences

Hairvivi 13x6 clean bleached Knots

no black dots. each hair strand looks like your hair

no bleaching or plucking required

Unique formula,no hair damage

Others’ bleached wig

majority knots still remain black

further customization needed

strong developer,cause shedding

Not bleached wig

black dots throughout hairline and parting

require customizations

no damage

Bleach knots yourself

easy to get over bleached or brassy

time consuming ,skills needed

easy to cause shedding