Points equals to dollars!

500 points = $15 off coupon

900 points = $30 off coupon

1000 points = $35 off coupon

2000 points = $60 off coupon

How to get points?

1. Register

 Every new comer can get 100 points for signing up with HairViVi. The points will be added automatically to your account.

2. Place an Order

The amount of your completed order can generate corresponding points.(Ex. $100=100 points). The points will be added automatically to your account.

3. Celebrate Your Birthday

Get 900 points on your birthday. (*To receive birthday points, you must enter your birthday at least 30 days in advance.)

4. Share on Facebook

Share Hairvivi link on Facebook and get 50 points.

5. Like on Facebook

Like Hairvivi Facebook home page and get 50 points.

6. Follow on Instagram

Follow Hairvivi official IG account and get 50 points.

How to redeem points?

Step 1:

Log into your account on, then click on the Points button to open the rewards panel. 

how to redeem points

Step 2

If you do have enough points, there will be a Redeem button.

how to redeem points

Step 3:

Upon clicking redeem, you will get a special coupon code.

how to redeem points

Points Expiry

Customer points will start to expire 6 months from the day you get your points.  After this date, all unredeemed points will expire on a rolling basis for customerswho have not engaged in points activity for 6 months or more.