The hair is from Hairvivi and it was not sent to me, it was not free. This video is not sponsored.

These are my own thoughts and my honest opinions about this unit.

So first things first the name of this unit is called “Victoria

It's a real human hair unit and it is pre-plucked and straight! It comes with HD lace and it's 22 inches long.

It's a 5x5 closure unit. It comes with a cappuccino fake scalp in the inside and i got it in a small cap size.

it's a 5x5 closure which i love more than a frontal because majority of the time my hair is always laid in this position like down by my ears and covering the sides of my face is really not blown back or anything, so I'm happy that i actually ordered a 5x5 closure instead of a frontal. 

I've been wearing this unit six days since i installed this unit. The lace is amazing bomb! It's absolutely see-through clear HD lace! I love the lace on this unit and this is the best lace unit I've ever had! I would recommend going with the HD lace if you don't want any lines of demarcation and you want it to be supernatural like it's coming out of your scalp!

I didn't use glue to lay down my wig because it was pretty snug already and then it wasn't really any lines of demarcation at all so it wasn't like i needed it to be melted but because i didn't want to take it off for a while and i want to wear it for a few days i apply some gel.

I don't think I have any cons about Victoria! She is giving me life! I'm definitely going to order from Hairvivi again!

This unit is really nice i don't get a lot of shedding and it doesn't tangle at all! It's always silky straight when i get up in the morning. I run the flat iron through it a little bit and i go! It is the bomb and they have units in different colors so if you don't want a natural color you can always get something blonde something honey blonde, curly, deep wave, body wave, straight they have all you could wish for.

Hairvivi Customer Review


11 marzo 2021
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