Since December, experts in the beauty industry have been predicting a more natural look among the top trends for 2023. And nowhere has this been more evidenced than at the recent Critics’ Choice Awards.

When we looked at the lovely ladies getting ready for or heading out to the Critics’ Choice Awards, we couldn’t help but assess which of the looks seemed to be in line with the predicted trends for 2023. And as you already know, most fashion, beauty, and hair trends are inspired or illustrated by what the celebs wear or sport on the red carpet early in the year.

We’re going to take a look at the most popular hairstyles, the makeup trends seen across all our lovely attendees and nominees, with a few fashion tips included to ensure you’re ready to take 2023 by storm.

We’re defining the hot girl aesthetic for 2023 right here and now.

Embracing the natural makeup look?

Yes, that is in for 2023.

And it’s a trend from all areas of life – the red carpet, TikTok, us at home – we are embracing the minimal, looking after our skin to get that fresh, glowy appeal, and paring down our makeup kits.

So, what is the ‘natural look’?

The natural look (or no-makeup makeup) is a trend where your makeup is so seamlessly and lightly blended that it looks like your natural skin. This trend was clearly seen throughout the Critics’ Choice Awards which we’ll get into in a bit (including as it relates to the hairstyles predicted as trendy for 2023).

Now the natural look has taken TikTok by storm as the Clean Look Trend. This has been spurred by the increasing appreciation of our natural beauty and a focus on minimalist options (like the skinimalism ideas that have gone mainstream).

So, know that you are not alone if you love the minimalist look. The world is saying let’s get back to basics. Pair the clean girl aesthetic with a killer skincare regimen, and you are set for beauty trends for 2023.

What can we expect fashion-wise for 2023?

Bright colors - especially blue

According to the Los Angeles-based styling duo of Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald, we can expect to see lots of blue this year, especially cobalt blue. These and other bright colors (not pinks, though) are anticipated to be boosted by the idea of dopamine dressing.

And nothing is as uplifting as bright, cheerful colors to suit us emerging from under the darkness overshadowing us these past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dopamine dressing was a term initially coined by Dr. Dawnn “The Dress Doctor” Karen in her book, Dress Your Best Life. According to Dawnn, choosing to wear outfits that are upbeat will boost your mood by enhancing the release of dopamine, “a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good” (source). So grab those bright colors if they make you feel good. They are, after all, on trend for 2023.

Boudoir dressing

Boudoir dressing, inspired by the lace, silks, and sheer dressing of the bedroom, is definitely one of the major hot girl trends for 2023. Even Margot Robbie got in on the act, with Vogue declaring that she has ditched her Chanel Couture for the boudoir trend.

So, whether you go all out or add the boudoir effect in slightly like Margot did for the Golden Globes, just know you can’t go wrong following this trend.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, it means your hot girl fashion trend for 2023 is choosing items you love so YOU can feel good. Whether that means the trending blue or embellishing your look, joining in on the boudoir trend, then that’s what you do. For you.

The good thing with the 2023 makeup trend is that with a skinimalist routine and a natural-looking makeup trend, you won’t clash with the outfits you choose. Just perfect, right? 2023 is all about synergy, from hair to makeup to clothes.

And speaking of hair, let’s look at some of the hot girl trends of 2023 inspired by our favorite celebs (who sported these styles this year already).

The hot girl hair trends of 2023

Quick note: You can replicate all of these trendy hairstyles of 2023 with wigs from our bestsellers list. We didn’t expect that, but that’s definitely a bonus in our books!

Try the always trendy sleek ponytail like Angela Bassett & Amanda Seyfried

Age is just a number when it comes to our certified hot lady, Angela Bassett. Our lovely lady of Black Panther and prime-time TV dramas went with a sleek, low ponytail done by celebrity hairstylist Randy Stodghill. And we love that. Because for many of our customers, their go-to look is styling their long Hairvivi wigs into low ponytails.

Angela’s ponytail has soft curls, almost like our Victoria HD lace wig that you can get with a middle or side part – perfect for a similarly styled low ponytail.

Amanda Seyfried, much younger in the business, also opted for a long ponytail but accented it with loose face-framing curls and kept her ponytail on the straighter side. (You can style any Hairvivi long wig into a low ponytail like these two.)

Angela and Amanda paired their respective looks with the “natural looking” makeup aesthetic with a more accented blush on their gorgeous cheekbones.

Short and cute like Milly Alcock

In true House of the Dragon style, Milly was extraordinary for the awards. But it was a look that seemed so simple yet elegant. (And might we add easily replicated.) That’s good because this particular style has been predicted (including by us) as one to expect in 2023. And in our bestselling wigs collection, there are several bob wigs to replicate the style, bow and all.

And her makeup follows what’s expected for 2023 – understated, highlighting your assets, and showing glowing skin.

So, get your skincare routine up to ensure yours glows just as well when you start embracing your natural-looking makeup even more. (Check Whitney Madueke on TikTok for her simple routine that leads to gorgeous, glowing skin).

Bobs are perfect for showing off the elegant lines of the neck and shoulders. As shown by Milly, this look goes well with an off-the-shoulder or sleeveless outfit.

Simple glam like Sadie Sink

Understated elegance is as simple as they come. Sadie’s Critics’ Choice Awards look was her long tresses in loose curls with a middle part. Her makeup also followed the skinimalism trend of less is best, which was perfect for her hairstyle and outfit.

Want to replicate the look? Check our collection of 2023 bestselling wigs already styled for this simple, understated yet elegant look.

Get curls with volume like Kerry Washington

Kerry’s style for the CCA looks so much like our Janice curly hair wig we were in awe. Lots of volume and bouncy curls in this ponytail seemed so natural that we know it will definitely be one of the hot girl trends that’ll continue throughout 2023.

Styled by Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, you can get a similar look by:

  • creating a center part
  • catching the hair in a low ponytail
  • laying the front flat with your favorite hair jam
  • fluffing the curls or using your favorite hairspray to maintain body and shine.

Sherly Lee Ralph, Critics’ Choice Award Winner, also wore a curly wig. Hers, a voluminous custom-made wig by Moira “Fingaz” Frazier, featured a middle part, all black, and tighter curls – similar to our Janice curly hair wig.

Now, you know, Hairvivi sets the trends. But to see them so defined on the red carpet with looks that have been staples in our collections? We know we’re on the right track helping our lovely ladies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty trends.

Let’s embrace our beauty for 2023 and beyond

In the words of the lovely and talented Sheryl Lee Ralph, “People don’t have to like you. People don’t have to love you. They don’t even have to respect you. But when you look in the mirror, you better love what you see.”

So, no matter which trend you try for 2023, know that you are beautiful, and we love to see our customers thrive.

Follow us on social and give us a shout-out when your favorite Hairvivi wig arrives and how it makes you feel just looking at yourself and knowing you are simply gorgeous.

21 enero 2023


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