Victoria has been a long-time favorite among our customers with glowing reviews over the years. She is a timeless and classic wig with subtle and seamless face-framing layers all on a universally flattering soft-black shade.


   Over the past few years we’ve added variations of the wig to further its versatility and now currently have 6 styles - 2 of which are new that launched this week! Our new Victoria Wigs include Breeze and Romantic. 



                              Victoria-Breeze                      Victoria—Romantic    

   We also have our Replace HD Lace Hairline available in case your older Victoria wig can use an upgrade - keep it looking and feeling new simply by installing a new hairline. 

HD Lace Hairline

   We’re so happy you all love Victoria as much as we do - keep an eye out for future style launches as we’re always growing our collection.

Hairvivi hd lace wigs


Victoria                                                                     Victoria-Shag



  Victoria-Sleek                                                                       Victoria-Glam











13 noviembre 2021