Each season brings its own challenges for hair care. And winter can wreak havoc on your beauty of a 100% human hair wig.

So, you need to have a human hair maintenance routine to ensure that the cold temperatures do not ruin your wig.

Let’s have a quick look at how to protect human hair.

Here’s how to care for your human hair wig in winter

If your wig is a 100% natural hair wig (like those we sell at Hairvivi), then the key is understanding natural hair care. Here are the 4 critical aspects of a good hair regimen for natural hair wigs.

These recommendations also work for your own natural hair as well. So, in doing the same to both your hair and your natural hair wig, you’ll keep them in the best condition possible.

1. Combat dry hair – deep condition your human hair wig

There is a lack of moisture in the hair during the colder months. So, never skip deep conditioning in the winter. You need to deep condition your natural hair and your wig. Choose products with quality ingredients that provide the best support for natural hair.  

After deep conditioning, make sure your wig dries properly. Otherwise, it can freeze and break if you go outside in the cold temperature. Or it will be susceptible to excessive tangles.

Also, store the wig properly. Ideally, this could be on a wig head. If not possible, make sure you store it laid flat so that it doesn’t tangle.

human hair wigs

2. Maintaining your natural hair wig – keep it covered

Like your actual hair, your natural hair wig is susceptible to the winter cold. So, you should keep it covered when outside.

The hair will also get very dry easily. So, wear fabrics that won’t exacerbate the problem. Wool, for example, which you’ll find comfy and warm as a scarf or ear cover, you wouldn’t consider for your hair because it can dry it out.

3. Styling your natural hair – look out for tangles

It can get a bit windy in the winter. And with the cold, dry hair, your natural hair wig is easier to tangle, which leads to knots. So, keeping it covered is one way to protect it.

The other is to style with care. This means to:

  • Always use a gentle touch.
  • Use the right products and oils to maintain moisture.
natural human wigs
  • Make sure the hair care tools you use are suited to wig care.
  • Only use heat if you’ve been properly caring for your hair and it’s moisturized.
    100% human hair wigs

    4. Maintain your natural hair wig

    Ready to care for your natural hair wig the right way so you can have all the glam hairstyles you’ve planned for the holidays?

    Again, here are the 4 things you need to keep in mind to maintain your natural hair (and wig) during winter. When you follow these tips, you can prevent dryness and breakage.

    1. Deep condition for moisture
    2. Dry properly before venturing out
    3. Keep your hair covered outdoors
    4. Cover with the appropriate material

    Caring for your wig based on the climate ensures your wig always looks ready. And if you have a Hairvivi wig, you know it’s a 100% natural hair wig. So, you’ll need to use natural hair techniques to ensure you can maintain your wig properly.

    So, let’s keep your natural hair tresses soft, thick, and ready to glam this holiday season.

    07 janvier, 2022

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