Nothing says spring is in the air like a fresh new hairstyle or new hair color to match the changing seasons. It’s like a time for rejuvenation and renewal. So, as the world around us blossoms with new life and vibrant colors, it’s the perfect time for you to revamp your hairstyle.

Yes, the pollen does pose a challenge, but we won’t let that stop us from looking as fabulous as the spring flowers in bloom. Let’s embrace the spirit of spring with these eight fun spring hairstyles that’ll have you feeling as fresh and invigorated as the morning sun.

And the best part is you can try out these new looks without changing your hair. How? Of course, Hairvivi’s very own incredible range of high-quality wigs. Now, these styles are all about keeping it easy, relaxed, and low maintenance – without sacrificing beauty – to ensure you’re not taking on the hassle of upkeep.


1. The classic bob – perfect for the awakening of spring

Light, flirty, and a lot of fun, the bob is here to stay.

While we love all our bobs, we think the ideal bob for the new you new spring look is Erin, an 8” bob wig with a lace frontal. She’s curly; she’s cute; she’s exactly what you need for a fun, flirty springtime style.

Now, you could always put a twist on the bob as well. You know, breathe a little life into it. So, if you’re confident with a pair of scissors or have a trusted stylist, opt for an asymmetric bob – longer on one side, shorter on the other. This is the chic and edgy take on a classic look that’s just right to unleash the new you. Neveah, a natural black bob wig, is our pick for this style.


2. The bouncy curls let you dance into spring

Like the spirited dance of spring, curls, and springtime go together like butterflies and wildflowers. (At the Hairvivi HQ, we’re getting a little sentimental in enjoying the warmth of the new season, so bear with us.) So, like a Botticelli muse, let’s embrace the goddess we are with bouncing, voluminous curls. This look captures the spirit of spring – full of life, movement, and a touch of whimsy.

Now, how do you go about achieving the look without worrying about heat damage from curling irons? And to get in the colors of the season without bleaching your hair? The curly brown hair wig from Hairvivi, our curly goddess Erica. She offers a perfect balance of volume and bounce.


3. Honey blonde waves are the golden rays of spring

How light and wonderful would you feel wearing a ray of sunshine on your head? That’s the beauty of our brown wig with honey-blonde highlights. Amy, one of our 2023 spring hairstyle faves, features a money piece highlight that gives you the fun and flirty feeling of spring and the colors in bloom.

Just as radiant as the spring sun and ready to wear for any occasion – be it work or play, these face-framing highlights will leave you feeling as expensive and glamorous as they look.


4. Layered cuts like the bold blooms for a spring hairstyle

We’re going with the C-cut for this season’s layered look.

So, take Arielle, an auburn brown lace front wig. She gives you a graceful c-shape with the shortest layers framing the face, and the layers becoming longer as you get to the bottom of the hair. There is a gentle C-shaped curve (hence the name) with a seamless flow from top to bottom. Nothing choppy about this look. Just the smooth flow that makes the hair look longer.

This wig combines the colors of spring and a new cut – your perfect new spring hairstyle to unleash a new you.


5. The deep side part for the gentle – sometimes chilly – breeze of spring

Going for the dramatic with a touch of whimsy? The deep side part is our spring hairstyle of choice for that look. This style easily transitions from a casual look to formal settings and is just what you need to transform your look.

Emery, Hairvivi’s glueless yaki bob wig with a deep side part offers the perfect texture and volume to pull off this hairstyle. Its luscious length flows like a soft spring breeze. She’s long enough for that easy sway in the wind but short enough to stay on the edgier side of spring.


6. The high ponytail for a playful spring charm

The high ponytail is a playful embodiment of the lively spirit of the season. It’s just the style you need for any springtime adventure – especially if it involves water or a bit of a breeze. It’s as fuss-free as a spring picnic!

Let your hair bloom with the season, and embrace the vibrant, lively spirit of spring with our Ciara. She’s our long curly lace front wig that you can put into a high ponytail and adorn with your favorite spring-colored headband.


7. Curtain bangs for that whimsical yet effortlessly gorgeous spring style

A staple look of many a celeb, this style suits and is customizable for just about any face shape. It works with long, shoulder-length, or even short hair.

Of course, there’s no need to figure the style out. Or worry about styling as it grows out. Yeah, for doing less this spring. You can easily rock your new curtain bangs (with color) with Juniper, our brown lace front wig with bangs and highlights. Just like the juniper plant that begins a new life in the spring, you are ready to embrace a new you this season and beyond. The texture and movement are quite reminiscent of the simple joys of spring.


And you know what’s not as hectic as spring cleaning? Laying your wig!

Because Hairvivi gives you all the pre-plucked, pre-bleached goodness of glueless wigs that are easy to install and already styled.

Honey, you get to experiment, change, and refresh your style as easily as the season breeze rustles through the new leaves when you choose Hairvivi natural hair wigs.

Plus, Hairvivi always rewards our loyal customers. So, make sure you sign up for our VIP experience – the Hairvivi Lover Club so you can access your exclusive rewards when you start decking out for spring. So, get ready to step into the sunshine with a new spring in your step and a fresh style gracing your head.

19 mai, 2023


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