We've been lucky enough to work with so many beautiful and creative content creators. One that stands out to us is Raissa Orock who now has a huge collection of different wigs from us. Let's get to know her better and learn which looks are her favorite!

What is your favorite season in the year?

Now! My favorite season is definitely the beginning of fall because then the weather is just so perfect. Not to mention the best season for fashion is fall in my opinion - so many neutral and brown colors and boots I adore!

What are your top 2 favorite Harivivi Wigs?

2. Hard to say but my absolute favorites would have to be Ashley and Julia! You can shop some of Raissa's latest looks here.

Can you take us through what a day in your life looks like?

Sure! I start my day off with prayer and meditation first thing in the morning. Then after having my breakfast, showering and styling my wig, I head off to University where I'm studying marketing.
After school depending if I have wok or not (I work at a nursing home) I take the time to get creative and do some content creating for my social media.
I use my evening hours to read and prepare for next day's lectures before doing my night time routine before bed. I usually watch a bit of Netflix before I doze off. 

How did you get started with social media?

I first started with Instagram when i was in high school, I would just post for fun. Then I realized how few black content creators there were in the Scandinavian countries, so I decided to give it a shot and grow my platform. 

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?

No plans as of right now but I am a bit spontaneous... hoping to visit LA, Milan, and perhaps Accra soon! 

Where can we find and follow you?!

I'm the most active on Instagram: @raissaorock and also snapchat: @orock 
30 septembre, 2022


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