The Tokyo Olympics just ended and we all saw wonderful performances from athletes from different countries around the world. Whenever we see an award ceremony, there were colorful national flags on full display. However, aside from the athletes' performances and colorful flags, athletes’ hairstyles were also very vibrant and colorful.

Flag-inspired Naomi Osaka

We saw tennis star Naomi Osaka matching her braids to the colors of her national flag. She chose beautiful bright red and white fox braids, as well as a red and white scrunchie that she used to hold her hair in a ponytail.

Naomi Osaka

Vibrant Hairstyle Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price

She wore a yellow-to-orange ombre wig while taking home the silver medal during the women’s 100-meter race.



Christina Clemons and her amazing butterfly clips

Team USA’s Christina Clemons definitely loves her butterfly clips! She has shown two hairstyles with these cute statement clips.



Tia-Adana Belle with Blue

Barbados athlete Tia-Adana Belle wore pure, royal blue hair while competing in the 400-meters hurdles.


Colorful Kenyan volleyball

The Kenyan women’s team have also brought more color to the volleyball courts. Some of the women went all out to match their mainly red outfits to the traditional red ochre donned by Maasai men on their hair, while another opted to braid her hair themed to match her national flag colours.

Kenyan volleyball women’s team

Among all of these beautiful hairstyles, which one is your favorite? Surely, no matter what hairstyle the athletes wore, they are always the brightest stars when they are on the field.

13 août, 2021


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