Today's video is going to be an unboxing video so if you want the details on the unit that i'm having installed then stay tuned!

Now here are the specifics on the unit that you guys are about to see! So once again i ordered from the company Hairvivi, the unit is called the  Zuri honey blonde lace front wig with dark brown color underneath, now for this unit you have the option of three different hairstyles, look one, two and three. I got it in look one which is a wavy, also my cap size is medium and the fake  scalp i got it in the color cappuccino now the unit is 100 virgin human hair and it comes in 14 inches and the density is 160%, lastly I also forgot to mention that the knots come already bleached.

“I absolutely love Hairvivi! Hairvivi has definitely helped my clients get confident with her blonde  so we love it, this install was a full wig install, we didn't actually have to do too much to it besides  pull out some baby hair and add some makeup for a nice added effect. We did a nice blowout and some curls and we love it i love it."

We're appreciate our customer @Paloma Berroa for this real and lovely video review!
hairvivi customer review

02 giugno 2021 — Caroline

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