The right hairstyle for your face shape can change everything. When you see a celebrity hairstyle you like, you might ask your hair stylist to give you the same look but the effect may not be as expected. It could be that your face shape simply suits a different hairstyle more.

There are six basic face shapes: oval, round, square, diamond, heart, and oblong. We'll take you through all of them and the best hair for each!


The width of forehead is about the same distance as the jawline, and the length of the face is about 1.5 times the widest distance between the cheekbones. Whether it's a sleek ponytail or a delicate wavy, it is for every style.

A face with an oval profile is the most versatile face shape, with enough length and width to achieve the best balance, suitable for any hairstyle. If you have an oval face shape, then celebrate and start experimenting with different styles of cuts!

human hair wig


A round face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. Since this shapes is more rounded and soft, it may be best to avoid short hair with bangs. It is a lovely choice to create some apparent arcs to make your face dimensional, such as side-parted bangs and long layered hair highlighting your cheeks and eyebrows. A side-part wig with medium length is an attractive choice for a round face as the side bangs can heighten the top of the head.

side part wig

Longer hair wigs will give your face an elongated look. If you want to have long curly hair, it is recommended that the length is below the end of the jaw.


The feature of a square face is a wide hairline and jawline. A long and layered wig with a deep side parting is a classic choice for a square face. Deep side bangs can balance the square face while increasing the height of the cranial crown. Straight hair should be avoided for squares to enhance facial lines and highlight the face frame.

side part bob wig

Angelina Jolie is also this face type. For the most flattering looks, any hairstyles with waves, such as fluffy and textured medium-length or long hair, which can modify the lines and contours of the face and enhance your own softness. The layering can also break through the shackles of the law and show your alternative personality.


The diamond face shape is featured by a narrow chin, broad forehead and cheekbones. A bob wig or a pixie cut wig will look gorgeous for this face shape.

short bob wig

The diamond face  should not be parted in the middle, and the side-parted bob head can visually extend the chin. If you want to show the perfect curve of the jaw, you can pass the hair behind the ears in a side hairstyle.

Layered medium and long hair can ease the sharp cheekbones. Because the forehead is narrow, try to be light and thin when choosing bangs. At the same time, it is matched with short hair with layers to highlight the beauty of personality.


Heart face shapes have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Bangs are the finest to flatter the heart face. Adding side-swept bangs to this style helps disguise the width of the forehead.

The charming side-parted long hair can make people’s attention move away from your forehead, and at the same time, it can elongate the face shape. A long hair wig with wispy bangs would be the number one choice. Even if you don’t want to have long hair, avoid extremely short hair.

black wig with bangs

When combing a ponytail for a heart-shaped face, leave a few strands of hair on the left and right sides, and the contour of the face will be softer. When braiding your hair on the side, don't make it too thin or leave a few strands of hair on the sides as appropriate, and the slightly loose mess will give a more feminine.


Alexa Chung's short shoulder-length hairstyle is the ideal length for long faces. If you want to have long hair wig, you can add texture to your hair to create a layered look, wavy curls to trim the cheekbones, and a full and airy hairstyle is the best choice.

layered wigs

At the end of the day these are all just suggestions and you should really do whatever your heart desires when it comes to cuts for your face shape. Experimenting is always fun and you never know what you will discover about what flatters your face most!

25 giugno 2022

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