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7 Best Low Maintenance Vacation Hairstyles: Wig Edition

Get ready for your next trip with these 7 best low maintenance vacation hairstyles – wig edition. We show you the best wigs and how to style these vacation-friendly hairstyles so you are always serving the look.

05 giugno 2023
human hair bob wigs

Bob Wigs: The Easy Way to Refresh Your Summer Look

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your hairstyle, and what better way to do it than with a bob wig?  From sleek and straight to short and curly, there's a bob wig for every occasion.
26 maggio 2023
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7 Fun Spring Hairstyles: Unleash the new you

Bobs, ponytails, bangs, and more – these are the 7 fun spring hairstyles to unleash the new you this year.

19 maggio 2023
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Head-turning HD Lace Wig with Bangs You'll Love

Why are we so obsessed with hairstyles with bangs? Honestly, bangs will do wonders when we're looking to bring a fresh update to our signature look.
12 maggio 2023
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6 Perfect Low Maintenance Hairstyles – Rainy Day Edition

Nothing dulls your style like a rainy day. But here are 6 low maintenance hairstyles and even more wigs to ensure you step out confident any rainy day.

09 maggio 2023
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Curly Hair Envy - best selling curly hair wigs

Tired of wearing your hair the same way every single day? Grab Hairvivi glueless curly wigs, and you don’t need to do much work to make it look gorgeous.
26 aprile 2023
BTS of our Malibu Spring Shoot 🌼

BTS of our Malibu Spring Shoot 🌼

A new season means a vibrant shoot in Malibu, featuring our favorite faces and hair looks. The day started early with a beautiful sunrise view! Arrived on location in a dreamy home...
21 aprile 2023
What to Consider Before Dying Your Wig

What to Consider Before Dying Your Wig

“NEW SEASON, NEW ME” might be tired, but you know what isn’t? A wig color change. One of the great things about wearing virgin human hair wigs is their versatility. Here it comes the most common question: What to consider before dying your wig? In this post, you will find the answer.
14 aprile 2023

Collection Goals! See Raissa's HV Wig Collection

Featuring @raissaorock's iconic HV hair looks with wavy, short, extra long, and colored styles!                         SHOP BEST SELLERS
07 aprile 2023
Must-have Wigs for Your Collection

Must-have Wigs for Your Collection

Every wardrobe has certain must-haves to keep dressing chic and easy. Same to hairstyles.

Spring is the ideal time for a hair refresh. Ahead, these hair trends we think will rule this spring and beyond.

31 marzo 2023
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Bobs for Spring: The Hottest Bob Cuts for 2023

From sleek classic bobs to waves, layers, and short bobs, these are the 11 best bobs for spring 2023 – and the bob wigs to get you the looks.

28 marzo 2023
Our Wig Technology

Our Wig Technology

Learn more about our technology and how we've paved the way in the wig industry. Hairvivi Fitted Glueless Wigs - everything you need to know about our best quality 13×6 natural human hair wigs.
17 marzo 2023