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Wig For Beginner

How satisfying if the wig application can be easy like slapping on and heading out of the door? Hairvivi is committed to providing the easiest wigs for beginners. The straight wigs, bob wigs and natural wave wigs on this page need less to no management, they are the best wigs for new wig wearers.

With a Hairvivi natural looking wig, even you are a newbie you can slay your wig as realistic as a pro. We have done everything for you to save you from plucking the hairline, bleaching the knots, doing the bald cap method, and sewing the elastic band. 

Easy Application

When you get a Hairvivi beginner wig in hand, you’ll have a brand new wig life experience. Starting to install your wig by adjusting the pre-sewn elastic band to have a secure and snug fit, then cut the lace in a zigzag motion, at the last give your hair a final touching you will be all good. 

Activate my first wig today! Have a no-effort wig life now!