I’m wearing it straight out of the box, and this hair is soooo soft! This hair feels like quality hair!

The hair has NO shedding, I don’t feel any shedding or see any shedding! It’s just amazing!

Even my boyfriend like “OMG, this is probably the best hair you’ve ever had!”

My favorite feature about this wig is the elastic band, the good thing is that the elastic band allows you to have a very snug fit with this unit. The band literally feels amazing, i don’t feel uncomfortable.

This wig can literally be parted anywhere and it would look like a scalp No works need to be done on this unit!

It doesn’t have a smell, when i tell you no smell, it had no chemical smell, no cornchip smell. I love this unit!

So do i recommend this hair? Hell YES! This hair is a good investment!

We're appreciate our customer @Ashley Dionne for this real and lovely video review!

Wig details:

Wig Name: Mia

Wig Length: 18inches

Cap Size: Medium 22.5in (13x6 Frontal Wig)

hairvivi customer review

23 januari 2021

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