Hairvivi April HD lace Wig Review! | Hairvivi Customer Review

The packaging is very nice it looks very like professional so i love that!

I love this wig! It looks so good! So Hairvivi honestly so far is the best wig company I've ever bought from ever! Because I've tried a lot of wig places and honey it never looked this good so i think Hairvivi is the winner and it's worth the price it's worth everything it looks just so good. This is just my favorite wig!

There has been no shedding no nothing it's just so perfect like i've never said a wig was perfect but this wig like to me is just so perfect! I am going to be ordering so many wigs i am just so excited and yes i love it!

Wig Name: April

Cap Size: Medium

Fake Scalp: Cappuccino

hairvivi customer review

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