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She gains the top popularity among all the wigs. She is a classic and never go wrong straight wig with endless versatilities.
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Hairviviโ€™s clean bleached hairline is a perfect combination of professional bleaching knots tech and special hair hand-tied method. It makes Hairvivi wigs look like growing out of the scalp, no black dots.

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Innovation and progression have always been at the core of everything Hairvivi does and itโ€™s our driving force. We were founded with the purpose of helping customers achieve the most natural-looking wigs using techniques that have never been done.

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Hairvivi newly launched replaceable HD lace hairline is aimed to finesse the lace in the hairline part, which means you can just replace your old hairline lace part without having to buy a new one.

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What Our Customers Say

Simply the best, better than all the rest.I always struggled to find a natural preplucked wig, that looks amazing. I could never find a company until now. This Victoria wig looks soooo A- maxing. I love love love it and will be buying another. The wig is natural looking like it is growing out of your head. There is a plus for me is the natural color is the closest I have seen to black. I normally dye the wig, but with this one I may not have to dye. The color is beautiful soft silky and flows. This wig is a A +++ all the way.Kerp up the good work on making me more beautiful


Gorgeous Iris
I ordered this unit a week ago never heard of this company. But I took a chance and it was a great chance. First the wig came ready to wear all I had to do was cut lace. I have gotten so many compliments from my Facebook fans and my friends and ft. Will purchase again.

Jennifer Mobley

My first curly unit and it's beyond gorgeous, the density is perfect and bomb. Cutting a few layers through the top sections and crown gives huge volume! A little more maintenence than with the hair type but well worth it for these bomb curls!


Oh Em Gee where do I start with this Elliot wig!!!She is everything I thought she would be anymore!!! Love love emo she is everything I thought she would be any more!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ The color is a perfect shade of honey blind with blonde highlights complement any skin tone high definition lace melts into your forehead a little pricey but I must have!!!!!


I love my April wig. I was so pleased that I ordered another one the same day I received my first one. It has been over a month and I will be ordering another one soon

Saundra Smith

This is the best wig I have ever had i got the 22 inch for my wedding on June 12th I am in love im 20 and I have had thinning hair for a while do to hormones so I shaved my head and I've been searching for my dream hair and this is it!!! Please buy this Victoria Glam wig you will not regret!! Thank you hairvivi!! I will be ordering more!!!


I have had this hair for about two or three months now, I love the hair texture, the hair barely sheds( normal). I literally have no complaints. For the pandemic I even got my hair on time still. They plucked the hair really good too.

Kayla Moore

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