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All I can say is amazing, and easy!!! Wig is so beginner friendly and I am getting so many compliments. This is definitely a fun summer look!!
— Mzz Moe
I'm experiencing hair loss. I highly recommend this wig to anyone looking for a high-quality, natural-looking option.
— Z.M
I'm a cosplayer with multitude wigs. The one is wayyyyy better than any wig I ever had, including a very expensive medical one. I'm impressed and I definitely recommend this brand and this wig.
— Christelle
I truly loved how well this blended. Had it sewn in installed for vacation and it lasted for 2 months until I took it off. I have since cut it to 12in and wear to work. Great quality.
— Jersey Girl
This is now my go to wig for every day wear! The color is everything! Perfect ombre blend and I can style so many different way! Plus beginner friendly lace front wig!!!
— Bri Lorenn
This is me second time buying this wig! It's my go to unit. 22 inches of perfection. When you first purchase it's very very silky, but with wear and washes it becomes a more silk press like if that makes any sense. I love it!
— Plusmissp
I LOVE love love the wig. that's all I can say. The hair is great quality and easy to manage. The lace was not too difficult for me to cut. I just watched the YouTube video and that helped me a lot. The wig fits great and snugged.
— Meron
I absolutely love this wig. It was my 1st lace front wig purchase and it's worth it. Looks very real and feels great. I have already purchased a 2nd unit and love 😍 the 2nd one too. Can't wait 2 purchase #3.
— Veronica

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