As we have realized, the popular video-sharing app, Tiktok, is the home of trends. Different interesting trends come up each day, and thousands of users can make videos on a particular trend. This is the main reason why you see people make the same kind of video on TikTok while using their creative skills to make theirs stand out among the multitude.

bangs for face shape

A trend that also went viral on the video-sharing app is the “Not the Bangyang” trend, which originated from a song by @itsjustnyissa, a content creator on the video-sharing platform on July 13. In the video, she sings with so much passion about her hatred and disgust towards hair bangs. Hair bangs are the short hair that covers the forehead. They can also be called fringes. Due to the funny lyrics contained in the song by the creator, “Not The Bangyang” videos became a trend in no time, and everyone started making their own “Not The Bangyang” videos. The number of people who made videos on the “not the bangyang” shows just how much people hate the hair bang without expressing it publicly. @itsjustnyissa seems to have given everyone a voice to express their  for the hair bangs.

 bangs for face shape

A particular TikTok user with the username “@vibin.wit.tay” has been able to garner more than two million views and more than half a million like from his own Not The Bangyang video where he dances in front of pictures of celebrities with funny or somewhat strange-looking bangs.

bangs for face shape

Over 150k videos have been made on the Not The Bangyang trend. Each of the videos has followed the central theme of people showing their disgust for hair bangs and making fun of people with not so good looking hairbands or even their own hairbands.


Bangs have been around for many years, and they have been in existence since the 1920s to this day. The longevity shows that bangs are beautiful and are one of the most popular hairstyles among women when done correctly. As we have observed, the Not The Bandyang trend joke specifically target people with funny looking bangs. Weird looking bangs are a result of people using a wearing a particular bang that is not suitable for their face shape. Some bangs make a face look shorter. Such bangs should be avoided by people with already short faces. In contrast, some bangs are designed to make a face look more extended or more extensive and should not be worn by people with an already long face or big face, respectively.

bangs for face shape

It is imperative to know that expert hands are required to cut your hair to a bang as apart from the experts knowing precisely the particular type of bang required for your face type, they also have the required skill set to cut  the hair into perfectly without making mistakes that would ruin your hair and make you a perfect tool to be made fun of by the Anti-bang TikTok users.

The first thing in getting the perfect bang is knowing your face shape. Most people don’t know their face shape, and if you are one of such people, then you shouldn't have much worries as there are many tutorials on the internet to help figure out your face shape.

After you must have figured out your face shape, it is vital to know the kinds of bangs that fit your type of face. This article shows the suitable and unsuitable hair bangs for each face shape. Five face shapes are considered, and they are:

  • Heart-shaped face
  • Long-shaped face
  • Round-shaped face
  • Oval-shaped face
  • Square-shaped face
bangs for face shape
  1. Heart-shaped face

For a heart-shaped face, there is not suitable bang other than the Wispy fringe bangs, which extends from the forehead down to just above the eyebrows. The wispy fringe bang is ideal for a heart-shaped face because it makes the beautiful chin shape of the face shape more prominent.

bangs for face shape

Any other bang type will simply not fit this face shape or will end up looking weird. The wispy fringe bang and the heart-shaped face is like a match made in heaven.

  1. Long-shaped face

For women with a long-shaped face, it is easier for them to pull off bangs as it seems bangs were made for their face shape. The blunt bangs are the best for this kind of face shape as the bangs fall just on the eyebrow or above it, thereby drawing attention to the eyes and the face center and away from the length on the face.
bangs for face shape

The bow grazing fringe bangs are terrible options for a long shaped face as this bang type will expose the length along the chin of a long-shaped face person.

  1. Round-shaped face

Most People with a Round-shaped face think that bangs are definitely not for them. However, this is not correct as the thick, side-swept bang will fit perfectly on the faces of people with this face shape.

This kind of bang is perfect for a round-shaped face because it has an extension that goes down to the mid-cheek, which elongates the face and making the U-shape of the chin less prominent.

bangs for face shape

For a round-shaped face, no other style of bangs is suitable for them as they will only bring out the curvature of the face making it look more round.

  1. Oval-shaped face

For women with an oval-shaped face, any kind of bang will go perfectly with this shape as this face is very versatile when it comes to hairstyles bangs inclusive. People with this face shape can choose to do any kind of bang because this face shape has nothing to conceal. There are so many bang styles available, and if you have this hairstyle, you can keep switching from one bang style to another without having to worry about it going wrong and being ridiculed by the Anti-bang TikTok users.

bangs for face shape

  1. Square-shaped face

Women with a square-shaped face, a long, full bang is recommended for this kind of face shape. The brow grazing fringe bang will give precisely these things. On a square-shaped face, the jawline tends to be more pronounced. The brow grazing fringe will move attention away from this line and turn it to the admirable features of the square-shaped face.

 bangs for face shape

Any other bang type asides this will not fit on a square face as a brow grazing fringe band would.


We already know the different types of bangs and the face shapes they each one is suitable for and those that are not suitable for. We also know that for a bang to look good, asides picking the best one for face shape, they have to be cut the right way to look good. Mistakes could arise from the cutting, and it will end up ruining for hair for a long time, and that can be a frustrating moment for women.

The Hairvivi clip-in bangs is a product designed to make women wear bangs without having to cut their hair or wigs. The hairvivi clip-in bangs are fabricated in a way that they blend effortlessly with the natural hair or wig as they are made using human hair.

bangs for face shape

Hairvivi is also V-shape to make it easy to clip into hair and blending.

bangs for face shape

Almost every band type has a hairvivi clip-in bang for it and also offers you the option of switching bangs and switching from bangs to no bangs.

 bangs for face shape

The Hairvivi clip-in bangs are relatively cheap and cost as low as $9.90. Every woman should have a Hairvivi clip-in bang as it makes the decision to wear a bang easier to make as your hair or wig does not have to be cut.


August 14, 2020

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