Bob Wig

19 products

19 products

New to bob wig world and don’t know where to start? Hairvivi lace front bob wigs smell your desire. We offer human hair bob wigs in various lengths, colors, and styles to cover many different vibes. Whether you want a simple, modern, or a little bit sexy look, Hairvivi bob wigs can always surprisingly satisfy you. So when it comes to the human hair bob wigs, Hairvivi is your go-to website.

Chic. Low-Maintenance. Versatile

Hairvivi lace front bob wigs have always been the hottest products among our customers.

Since we always offer various chic and classic bob wigs to satisfy different customers’ demands. In addition to maintaining the classic basic bob, Hairvivi also keeps up with the trend by rounding up the cutting-edge styles to get inspired and then constantly update bob wigs to the latest looks God will rock with pleasure every new minute. Since all our lace wigs are made with 100% human hair, so it’s fuss-free to get different styles in a flash. From braids to waves, from straight look to curly look, from waves to any looks flatter you, there are limitless looks that are easy-to-achieve with our bob wig.

Time-Saving & Beginner-Friendly

The hairline is hand-knotted with transitional density and knots are pre-bleached by our constantly improved bleaching techniques, so no more DIY needed which sharply cut down your time cost. Combs, an adjustable strap, together with our piano keys elastic band can secure your wig solidly in a comfortable way even without applying glue, which surely can be called wig for beginners.