1. What is New Glueless Wig?

Based on the original Glue-less Wig, we added two new techniques. They are Bendable V-shape Ear Tabs and Anti-slip Silicone Stickers.The video down below is an introduction to our new innovations. 

 glueless lace wig

  1. What is Bendable V-shape Ear Tab?

Bendable V-shape Ear Tabs are made with flexible and plastic material. Gently bend the V-shape ear tabs in the direction of the scalp so that the 3 points of the “V” are attached to the scalp to play a fixed role to prevent sideburns from lifting up even without applying glue. All in all, you can adjust the Bendable V-shape Ear Tabs to make the sideburns lace naturally melt to your skin. 

 glueless lace wig

  1. What is Anti-slip Silicone Sticker?

 These silicone pads increase friction between the skin and the wig, adding extra security.

 glueless lace wig

  1. Can I wear the New Glueless Wigswithout glue?

Yes! The bendable V-shape ear tabs, anti-slip silicone stickers, and piano keys elastic band work together for a truly glue-less wig experience.

  1. Can I still use glue or spray?

Yes! If you wanna extra security, you definitely can do that.

  1. Is there any extra charge for the Bendable V-shape Ear Tab and the Anti-slip Silicone Sticker?

No! All new techniques will be added for free.

  1. Can I choose not to have the new techniques on my wigs?

Yes! After you placed an order, send your requests with your order number to service@hairvivi.com.

  1. Why choosing Hairvivi New Glueless Wigs?

Glue-less install methods won't hurt your hairline and forehead skin. Its also extremely  easy to install.

  1. How to install the New Glueless Wigs?

We have a detailed instruction here, click to learn how to install a glueless lace wig.

September 09, 2021

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