Heading off to a Halloween party doesn’t mean you need to spend hours getting the perfect hairstyle. 

Here at Hairvivi, we don’t believe in wasting time on something that can be so simple. 

So, let’s jump into a few hairstyle inspirations for Halloween 2022 and how you can easily replicate these styles with a wig from our Hairvivi Fall Wig Collection. 


Simple and playful Halloween hairstyles

If you fancy dressing up cute and sexy for Halloween, there’s no need to worry about elaborate hairstyles to go along with your extra special costume.

You can style your hair straight or add in some curls and then add a special headband or even a tiara to fit your costume.

Yes, cat ears and bunny ears may be overdone but they’re simple and playful. And a tiara works with almost any princess costume. 

Imagine your Amy brown hair wig with these gorgeous blonde highlights and curls, and your fancy headband? Or this Bryana short brown bob with a middle part and a tiara? 

Playful and easy, right? We know.


Fancy dress Halloween hairstyle inspo

If your Halloween party this year is a fancy do, then you’ll want a stunning hairstyle that complements your outfit and skin tone. That right there is where you have a wig like Addison, a black wig with caramel blonde highlights in your corner. 

Or, if you’d like to channel your inner Rhaenyra Targaryen, get yourself a lace front wig like this wavy brown hair wig with mocha highlights (because you’ll be doing two side parts). Then follow along to this quick tutorial here to easily get the neat braid down the back sitting atop the rest of the hair.


Perfect hairstyles for a Halloween mask party

Fancy party/masquerade masks (not the covid-19 prevention masks) are generally secured at the back of the head. 

You’ll need to determine which hairstyles won’t be impacted by the mask.

If the mask is quite intricate in detail, you’ll want a simple hairstyle so they both aren’t fighting for supremacy. 

Here are a few easy Halloween hairstyles to inspire yours for your 2022 masquerade party (all these looks can be found in the Hairvivi Fall Collection):

  1. Simple side part bob wig – works with scary costume or fancy dress
  2. Middle part wig with luscious waves for an exotic look
  3. Quick loose updo with a lace front wig (which you can do with any lace front human hair wig like this one)


Change it up - it’s Halloween ‘under the sea’ 

Want to be like the little mermaid this Halloween but don’t fancy rocking red hair?

Try something different.

All you’ll need are some long tresses and a few starfish and seashell hair accents. 

Install your long hair wig, clip in your hair accessories, get the right costume, and you’re Ariel on land, ready to dazzle prince charming and show him why you’re the boss lady of the sea and land. 


Scary night Halloween hairstyle: are you feeling the spooky?

Wednesday Addams is coming out shortly on Netflix (though we do think they should have released it for Halloween for us Addams Family fans). 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a Wednesday or Morticia Addams look for Halloween. Not that we need an excuse to rock an Addams Family look but it’s just perfect for Halloween 2022.

That means jet black hair either sleekly straight for Morticia, or with a middle part with two side braids for Wednesday. 

And you can easily get this look with our Cindy long-hair wig. Because it’s a lace front, you can change up the location of the part as you continue to rock this perfect Fall style. And she can be worn with or without glue. Yup, we did say easy styling. 


Easy wig inspo - Pumpkin spice, fallen leaves, and everything nice 

Fall isn’t complete without the warmth and beauty of the colors both on and off the trees. Or the warmth of a pumpkin spice latte in your hands, pumpkin (well potato for us) pie in your tummy.

If you’re just looking for a hairstyle that reminds you of the season, then Noelle brown highlights wig is just the right lady for you.

The dimensional look of the radiant browns and warm highlights just resonate with the feelings of the season. Sweet, warm, and reflecting the rays of setting sunlight. And she’s perfect for any Halloween outing – day or night.


Styling tip for Easy Halloween Hairstyle Inspo: Getting color – even if it’s a wig

If you do want to get a bit crazy with the colors for Halloween – think Harley Quinn – then using a temporary hair color wax can get you your color highlights without ruining your hair with bleach.


Get the Fall Collection Hairstyles for Halloween 

Still trying to decide what your Halloween look should be this year? No worries. 

We know what the fall hair color trends are. So, the next step is to simply check out our Fall Wig Collection and see which style inspires you for your Halloween look. 

And the beauty of these wigs is you can always rock them for the rest of the season and beyond. 

October 26, 2022


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