Spring brings with it a time to enjoy new colors and exciting trends. And from now through to May is the perfect time to switch up your hair color for Spring. So, if you’re wondering which hair colors are popular for 2022, we’ve got them right here for you.

We are sharing the results of our research into the top trends for Spring going into summer. And we’re highlighting only the color trends that we know are the ideal match for your Spring wardrobe. So, look out for bright money highlights and soft caramel tones. Short and long styles.

And, of course, the perfect Hairvivi natural hair wigs to easily get these colors without a costly trip to the salon or a disastrous foray with box dyeing at home.

Before we get started – if you’re not quite sure what colors are ideal for your skin tone, check out our detailed post on hair color for black women. Then come back and find your faves for Spring 2022 and the hottest trends for this year.

Good? Here are our top 6 Spring hair color trends and the hottest shades for 2022.

Money Piece Highlights for Spring

If you don’t want to go full color, then a money highlight is perfect. Since it first gained popularity in about 2020, this style has only been getting more attention as the years go by. 2022 is no different.

A money highlight is a quick and easy change without being too drastic. It’s a face-framing highlight at the front of your hairline. It becomes the focal point and draws attention to the face.

Here are a few of our top picks to achieve this look.

1. Money highlights paired with other highlights

Eva is a gorgeous human hair wig with face-framing blonde highlights. Made with HD lace, she’s the perfect lady to add a bit of color to your style for Spring.

A flattering color that brightens your complexion and fits in well with the trends for Spring, especially with the additional colors/highlights in the hair.

2. Money highlights with a balayage

Blond is one of the hottest shades for Spring. The blond money highlight in this blond ombre wig is a bit on the brighter side if you’re feeling extra excited for Spring colors.

The blond highlight draws the eyes to your face, and the balayage throughout adds the perfect dimensions of color.

3. Muted and gorgeous colors

A nice caramel color is certainly on-brand for Spring 2022. This warm shade, while muted in tone, does look good all year round. But it’s also a fantastic color for Spring and you can add highlights later in the year.

To get this look, try one of our lightly shaded brunette wigs like Francesca. This caramel colored wig offers length and muted tones for a look that works well for the busy professional or a night on the town.

4. Bright and bold colors

For many, Spring is about renewal, and they love the lighter shades that reflect that. For others, this period is all about bringing back colors into your life.

So, you might just want to go bright and bold this time around.

If that’s you, this is the ultimate pick for 2022 …  a side-part shoulder-length bob wig with bright colors.

Overall, it’s not too bright. But the front highlights at the side part do a perfect job of adding a splash of bold color to the style. It perfectly contrasts with the light auburn of the rest of the wig.

Hair color trends for short hair

And speaking of bobs, we know a lot of us ladies love a big chop for Spring. And while we’ve been focusing on colors for longer lengths, we know you want to rock your short hair and add a little color to it.

Here are a few of the hair color trends for short hair we see emerging over the next few months of Spring.

5. Burgundy highlights with a short cut

Burgundy is the ultimate hair color for Spring. Not that we recommend too much of it. Highlights are just enough to get in a bit of color, brighten your complexion for the changing seasons, and get you ready to enjoy Spring.

For this look, try out Lexie, our side-part lace front bob wig with burgundy highlights.

6. 50 shades of brown and more in a bob

Brown is the ultimate color trend for Spring. Paired with a bob, you’re getting the best of both worlds for Spring.

Take for example this gorgeous brown bob wig. The colors accentuate any skin tone, and leave you excited with a new lease on life.

So, found your fave yet? We hope so. Because the beauty of these wigs is that you get these styles with a defined look that’s easy to maintain.

What are you waiting on? Let’s get Spring going with the hottest color trends for you this season.

April 16, 2022


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