Why are we so obsessed with hairstyles with bangs? Honestly, bangs will do wonders when we're looking to bring a fresh update to our signature look: they frame our face in a flattering way, and even add a bit of edge and personality to an everyday look. 

Effortless Curtain Bangs

Hairstyle with curtain bangs is fresh for summer, and it’s easy to style and maintain. Anyone can jazz up their hairstyle with edgy curtain fringes.

curtain bangs wigs

Shorter, face-framing bangs that are almost like a longer curtain bang are beautiful on all hair textures and incredibly easy to go.

Don’t want to look the same every day? Have a look at our bang wigs and clip-in bangs

Sometimes you want to fake your bangs with the wig you already have, and you don't want to spend a lot of time styling it. But with our human hair wigs and clip-in bangs, you are allowed to change your everyday hairstyle to a fresh bang look just in one minute. 

clip in bangs

Considering the wearing versatility of the wigs, Hairvivi has created the clip-in bangs for easy add-on & removal. The bangs are tied onto the lace with 100% human hair, and the V-shape makes the seamless blend for the wig and bangs. We have two styles: thick and light wispy bangs to cater to your different look needs.

clip in wispy bangs

We’ve selected several lace front bob wigs and classic long hairstyles that are in natural black color and make a nice match with the bangs. Wondering if the bangs could work with colored wigs? Ombré human hair wigs with natural color on the top fading to other shades like brown are available to match with the bangs. 

Add a human hair wig with bangs to your collection today, get two new looks at the same time!

wig with bangs

Quick Tips For Styling Bangs To Perfection:

  • Blow-dry them side-to-side or downward.
  • Brush forward, not under. 
  • Use your fingers for a natural look.
  • For an air-dry, twist them into place and then pin them back.

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12 mayo 2023


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