Ever wonder what the best selling wigs for 2022 are? Kinda hard to tell. But what we can tell you is the bestselling wigs by Hairvivi.

Based on numbers sold and reviews left, these are our top selling wigs which we know you’ll love just as much as the ladies who came before you.

2022 Best-Selling Wigs by Hairvivi

Victoria – Pre-plucked Human Hair Straight Wig with HD Lace

"Wait, that's the best hairline I've ever seen you in ... what company is that?"

That’s Victoria, one of our best-selling wigs and coming in at number one with 190+ reviews at the time of writing this post.

A silky soft wig with a naturally straight texture, you’ll certainly look sleek in this lady. Keep up with the silky straight look with your flat iron or add some curls or waves occasionally. Drop in a wispy clip in bang and change it up if you want. She’s ready to add more to your life.

And like one of our reviewers said, you can’t say you didn’t slay in this gorgeous wig. As a thick yet soft and silky natural hair wig, you can expect the compliments to keep coming your way.

Kylie – Pre-Bleached Lace Front Bob Wig with HD Lace

“After putting this wig on there's no way I'm going back to wearing cheap wigs anymore.”

Simple, elegant, soft, and silky – Kylie is a gorgeous unit bob that flatters just about anyone with its classic cut. She’s a chic 10-inch bob cut wig loved by all who’ve tried it … you can check the reviews to see what we mean.

Kylie is straight here in her pics, but you can easily add curls if that’s to your liking. So, yeah … versatile and cute.

Bambi – Short, Ombre-Colored, Curly Human Hair Wig

“Bambi is my favorite. Bambi is so cute! HD lace just melts, the color is stunning. I love it!”

Bambi keeps popping up on a lot of our wig lists – short wigs, glueless lace front wigs, best styles for Spring ... she’s going places.

A 10-inch ombre dark brown wig highlighted with light brown strands, she’s just one of the cutest styles in our bestselling wigs of 2022. And as a 100% natural hair wig, you can easily re-curl the wig with a curling wand to keep the same style for as long as you’d like. Just remember your heat protectant.

Bambi is one versatile lady that knows how to leave a mark. And you will too.

Janice – Curly Hair Wig With Water Waves

“I would say get this for a good everyday wig!”

That’s what one of our many happy customers and lovers of our Janice HD lace wig had to say.

So, if you like full bouncy curls – curls that stay beautiful even when wet – then Janice is the perfect wig for you. And best of all, she’s a glueless, lace front wig which means easy installation for you every time.

Addison – Brown Wig With Caramel Blonde Highlights

“This wig is gorgeous! So long and thick with a super natural hair line.”

Addison is a transparent HD Lace wig, 22 inches long, with gorgeous beach waves, and a face-framing light brown highlight.

Her money piece highlight will have the ladies looking on in envy and swooning in delight. OK, maybe not quite, but you have to admit that Addison gives you more than most wigs. And she has definitely earned her way onto the best selling wigs list here at Hairvivi by her raving reviews. 

Laila – Lace Front Brown Wig With Bangs and Highlights

“Nice bangs! Nice unit! This wig is so easy to install and I don't have to do any bleaching or plucking to it.”

If you’re after a softer shade and love the many hues of brown, Laila is a perfect fit. With soft curtain bangs and face framing brown highlights, she’s a straight hair wig that will accentuate your most attractive features.

Talk about giving you bang for your bucks. She’s more than valuable for any occasion – dressing up or down. 

Afrolista – Kinky Straight Human Hair Lace Front Wig with HD Lace

“This hair !! Whew Chile. I love it. Thick and very natural looking”

Many of our clients looking for a kinky style wig love to choose Afrolista. She’s a natural-looking wig textured with Italian kinky straight. It can be pressed out to mimic your own hair for a natural look.

And like our many reviews, you’ll love her for the even density and great volume throughout the hair and how well it blends for a kinkier texture.

Anything else you should know?


Yes. One of the best parts of a Hairvivi wig is the design. With each of our bestsellers, you can expect:

  • Invisible HD Swiss Lace – the kind that gives you options and blends well for a nearly invisible hairline
  • 100% Virgin Human Hair – the type that can be styled however you like it, has less shedding than most other wigs, and even takes color without issues
  • Clean bleached knots … for free – so less work for you to prepare and wear your wig
  • Pre-plucked hairlines – again … less work for you and having your family friends going ‘woah, that hairline is fantastic’.

If it’s your first time wearing a wig, these design features make it easy to wear with glueless installs and no extra steps. If you’re looking for a new wig for your collection, you’ll find that these wigs will soon hold a special place for you.

So, head on over to our best selling wigs list and find the perfect wig to match your style.

30 avril, 2022

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