I did purchase this with my own money so we're going to unbox this and give you a straight honest review because again i purchased it with my own money so it's unbiased, it's going to be real.
As far as the hair feels really good as you see i'm combing through it aggressively on purpose and i'm not seeing any shedding, so that's a great sign. It doesn't smell bad so that's always a good sign too, i hate when you get wigs and they smell bad.
As i was saying Hairvivi is a company that specializes in pre-plucking, bleaching the knots and all of that good stuff, so all you have to do is cut the lace.
I think it’s really nice hair even when i was flat ironing the hair, there’s no shedding no burning.
There's another thing i didn't mention the density is really there as you can see this is thick hair and i did burn it and it’s did human hair, it's real so we're good on that. Yeah i really like this hair y'all, Hairvivi is my new joint!
Thanks our cute customer @Its Chelsea Jackson for her support and real review! 

Wig Details:

Wig Name: Victoria-Glam

WigLength: 20inches

Cap Size: Medium 22.5in (13x6 Frontal Wig)

Fake Scalp:Cappuccino


25 juin, 2021
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