It’s Fall, cozy hair season, and so of course we have to look at the top trending hair accessories you should have on hand. 

So, let it not be said that you had a bad hair day this season. These hair accessories are versatile and exactly what you need whether you have your hairstyles all planned out or you need a quick fix.

Here are five of our must have hair accessories and how you can style them, including with a few of our favorite wigs. We promise you’ll be seeing these 5 hair accessories everywhere now that you know what to look for.

Are claw clips still in for 2022?

Oh yes, they are. And claw clips are the thing you need for a quick cute updo with your favorite Hairvivi wig. Claw clips in Fall colors are a great hair accessory to help you style your hair. They’re no longer just boring clips. Instead, they are creatively designed with unique styles and colors that will complement your chosen hairstyle or wig.

For example, using a Fall inspired claw clip, you can effortlessly style your hair into a full updo with a large claw clip. Here’s how. 

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail at the center at the back of your head. 
  2. Twist the ponytail until half of it is coiled with the uncoiled section at the top.
  3. Secure the coiled section below the top uncoiled section with your claw clip down onto your roots. This will leave hair ends Falling slightly over the clip. The aim is not to hide it – after all, you bought a ridiculously cute Fall-colored claw clip. You’ll also want to make sure you get the ideal grip, so the up-do stays secured when you release it.

Plus, there are a host of other hairstyles that you can easily do with a claw clip and a high-quality wig. For example, you could do a French or clipped-up twist, messy bun, or half-back hairstyle. You’ll find lots of possibilities with this one Fall hair accessory. 

Hair bows for Fall

From solid to multicolored, bows are a staple of Fall hair accessories. 

A larger-than-normal hairbow can make a great accessory for a half up half down hairstyle if you attach the bow to the ponytail section. 

Or choose a small yet cute hairbow for a high ponytail. 

Styling hair headbands for Fall

Headbands are always a trend. When you can easily change them up, especially matching those lovely Fall colors, they make the ideal and handy hair accessory. 

Now the type of headband does affect how your style will work for you, so let’s look at 3 headband styles and you can choose your own.

Knot headband (horseshoe fabric wrapped)

If you’d like a headband that works well for office wear, then a knot headband does the job. And as they are generally headbands wrapped with cloth, you get to choose a style and color that fits the season.

Pair with a sleek bob, straight hair or even a bun. One of our favorite ways to style a knot headband is with a longer style with face-framing highlights or wigs. 

Bowknot headband (fabric)

The bowknot can be worn centered on top of your head or styled at a fun angle. 

This is perfect for a high loose bun hairstyle, especially if you’re planning to wear a wig and it’s not full lace. You can still wear your high bun and use the headband to cover the edges of your wig.

Turban headband (fabric)

Turban headbands normally have more fabric and is thicker than regular fashion headbands. This makes them perfect for keeping your thick hair in place, especially if you like those high-density long hair wigs. 

Depending on the style of your favorite Fall turban headband, you can either:

  • wear all your hair up (like styling your wig in a high ponytail or bun) with the turban headband worn around the edges of your hair, or 
  • wear on the outside of your hair with your hair let down (like wearing a long curly wig)

Your turban headband can have a knot at the front or be worn as a crisscross design. It’s up to you. But the beauty about them is their availability in distinctive styles and the versatility in accessorizing your hair for the season.

Cute Fall beanies for different hairstyles

Stay warm while looking chic. Because beanies are not only about functional Fall and winter wear. They are statement pieces and standout accessories for just the right look.

But, if you’re styling your hair for hall and not wanting to contend with the windy and chilly conditions, then get a beanie. Or simply get one because it will look cute with your hairstyle. 

Here are a few ideas for hairstyles based on your favorite beanie style. 

A slouchy beanie 

A very versatile beanie, you can place it multiple ways with different hairstyles for various looks. Get this super casual look and pair it with:

  • Side plaits with a longer hairstyle 
  • A single loose braid 
  • A side bun

Cuffed beanie

If you’ve done a flattop bun and don’t want to mess up your hair with a hat, then a cuffed beanie is a great alternative. 

Or accessorize your ponytail with a cuffed beanie. That’s pretty easy to do with human hair HD lace wig like our Noelle. The wig colors are ideal for Fall. The wig is easy to style into a ponytail. And you can accessorize with your favorite Fall beanie. 

Cuffless beanie

Cover the top of your low bun with a cuffless beanie. You’ll leave out the bun at the back, and maybe a few strands to the side of your face if you’re aiming for the casual look. The beanie won’t affect your hairstyle and keep you warm at the same time. Win-win. 

The cuffless beanie is also a perfect accessory for a bob hairstyle. 

Capped beanie 

Keep the sun and Fall wind out of your eyes while showing your curls. If you’re heading out for errands, the capped beanie is a great one to cover the top part of your head. For the rest of the hair – the sides that are showing – simply curl and use your favorite holding hairspray to keep the style intact.

Fall Scrunchies

The picture-perfect hair accessory for the season is a Fall scrunchie in a variety of gorgeous colors. And no, we do not only love them because of the colors. The best thing is that they don’t contribute to hair breakage like hair ties, which is really important when you want to maintain your wig.

So, make sure you get a few oversized scrunchies in the mix because those are definitely in for 2022.

Everyday Fall scrunchies are perfect for keeping your hair together. Plus, you can also dress up or dress down your look with a scrunchie. So, if you’re heading out with your Haven blonde highlight wig, and want to style it differently, give a Fall scrunchie a try.

Try a messy bun, a cute low or high ponytail, a low bun. You could even try a half-up half-down style with a long wig. Scrunchies are, after all, extremely versatile hair accessories that you’ll love. 

Which are your favorite hair accessories for Fall

Whether you’re looking to enhance your style or just get that hair under control, you should have one or more of these hair accessories on hand. 

And as you can see, they are cute and stylish options whether for your natural hair or your Hairvivi wig. 

04 novembre, 2022


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