Ready to hit the slopes and still look chic with a fabulous ski hairstyle? You need our après ski hairstyles guide for that.

If you’re like many of the Hairvivi ladies, you know that skiing is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. And part of that lifestyle is looking fabulous both on and off the slopes whether it’s Aspen or elsewhere.

Whether you’re going to actually be on the slopes showing off your skills or enjoying the amenities of the winter lodge, you want to look your finest. Imagine the beauty of the Alpine, the luxurious lodges. And having a fun day speeding (or gliding – no judgment zone here) down the slopes.

Now it’s time to relax. But with skiing being an incredibly fun activity, it’s also a workout. You may have sweated into your hair or got it windblown. How will you relax with your friends when you know for sure you’re going to have that dreaded “helmet hair” post-helmet removal? You’re thinking to yourself – ‘what unruly helmet hair 🏂 will you have to deal with now?’ Instead of a fun-filled après ski afternoon, you’re now worrying about matted windswept hair after killing it on the mountain.

So, when it comes to après-ski hairstyles, it’s essential that you keep it practical but also chic. Because, trust me, nothing kills the vibe like a bad hair day.

But not to worry. We’ll ensure you can ski to your heart’s content without worrying about hat hair post-ski session. We’ll give you the best ski hairstyles for fun on the hills that can still be worn to relax or party after your day on the slopes is done. Think braids, low buns, twists – all practical yet stylish.

Let’s take you from skiing to après skiing. Ski hairstyles that won’t get in the way of your ride – chic après skiing for a drink at the lodge or an after party.

And, of course, being us, you know we’ve got you for the perfect wigs for a ski trip.

Après Ski Hairstyles for Winter … things to consider

You won’t want the distraction of your hair when going downhill.

Trust us. That’s a hazard right there, as your hairstyle should not get in the way of you enjoying the slopes safely. But you need quick and easy ski hairstyles that will still look great even when you’re done with the hills.

Because having your long tresses out and loose will result in knotted, tangled, tousled (and not in a sexy way) hair in no time. So, what to do?

7 tips for choosing a ski hairstyle for both before and après skiing

The key to any après-ski hairstyle is to keep it simple, practical, and fabulous. So, take note of these when planning your hairstyles. The recommendations we’ve made consider all 7 of these essential tips below.

  1. Your ski helmet will sit against the crown of your head to protect your skull. You need hairstyles that won’t put you at risk and impede the safe use of your helmet.
  2. Choose a hairstyle that’s somewhat tight and away from your face. This will prevent your hair from impeding your vision while securing it against the elements. Excessive cold temperatures can and will damage your hair.
  3. Choose a hairstyle that won’t look like helmet hair when you’re done skiing.
  4. Use the right products and tools, and don’t be afraid to accessorize.
  5. Use a headband to prevent friction between your hair and the helmet, so that constant rubbing doesn’t damage the hair. Alternatives to headbands are balaclavas which fit perfectly under helmets.
  6. Pack a quality leave-in conditioner to hydrate your hair after a day of cold and ice.
  7. If you’ll be spending time in the hot tub, remember it’s chlorinated. And while a week of skiing may not cause any noticeable damage, you should still aim to protect your hair. Shampoo and condition well and apply a leave-in. (A dry shampoo works well for winter activities).


And yes, this also goes for your Hairvivi wigs, as they are all 100% human hair wigs and need quality treatment to ensure they stick with you for their lifetime. Also, use a waterproof wig glue if you’re not rocking a glueless wig. They also look natural once you select the right fake scalp.

Here’s why we say it’s natural -

Now onto the hairstyles we know you’ll love just as much as we do.

Après ski hairstyles that work for the slopes and your ski after-party

These are the ski hairstyles that handle double duty – they are perfect for the slopes and the after party – whether that après ski hair is needed for relaxing with a drink at the ski lodge or lounging in the tub.

  1. Braided beauty - double braid or single braid

This is one of the most comfortable ski hairstyles you can wear under a helmet. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to do – and cute.

You can either do this style as a single braid to one side or down the middle. Or as a double braid. We’ve even seen our ladies doing triple Dutch braids.

If you decide on a double braid, part your hair down the middle. Braid each side in three-strand Dutch braids. Secure the ends with curl-safe, frictionless hair bands or scrunchies so each end stays intact while you ski.

In terms of the braid itself, you can either braid from the front of your hair back to the tips – cornrows – or just from the base at the back of your head. The latter works best with a single braid.

With braids, removing your helmet means your hair only looks even more cute and neat. No flyaway, unruly, or hat hair. Your braids stay ready, and you are ready to relax immediately after the slopes with a warm drink or by the hot tub.

Plus, know what you get when you unbraid the hair? Curls. Wavy, curled hair, just perfect for a nice relaxing evening. The added benefit of protecting your hair from potential damage due to the wind and the cold is nothing to sneeze at either.

  1. Braided beauty with a money piece

You can still leave your money piece out for the sexy look after skiing and keep it protected. Here’s how.

Leave out the money piece section. Braid the rest of the hair. After braiding the hair, pull the side parts back and behind the ear. Cover your head with a silk beanie (or balaclava) to keep your hair secure. Wear your helmet over the beanie/balaclava. Doing this keeps your hair neat and no worries from messing it up with each removal of the helmet.

You can also go the opposite direction – braid the fringe at the front and keep the rest loose at the back.

  1. French braid

One of the best winter sport styling tricks for avoiding helmet hair après skiing is a French braid. You can do this on lightly damp hair. Just make sure it’s dry before heading out; otherwise, it could snap and break if it freezes solid in the low temperatures outside.

Add your favorite curl crème or light spray so you’ll have perfect definition when you undo the braids. Braid underneath from the front to the back loosely, picking up hair as you go.

At the end of the day when you’re finished riding the inclines, you can:

  1. leave as is for the tub – these braids are a great water-friendly style for the hot tub later. The braid will continue looking great, wet or dry.
  2. or unbraid the hair (but do not run your fingers through the hair) and you’ll have a curl-defined look.

Then rinse and repeat each day you’re at your ski resort. Style with your Gucci après ski collection to complement this or any of the other fabulous ski hairstyles.

And for our wig recommendation, we cannot speak highly enough about our Jasmine wave lace front wig. She is just perfect to achieve this particular look, easy to install, and long enough for a French braid that holds curls well.

See how easy it is to install a Hairvivi wig


Quick question - can you braid a wig?

Now you might be saying, “but I’m going with my Hairvivi wig. I can’t braid that!” Well, I’m sure you’ll be excited to know that’s not an issue.

A full lace or lace front wig is easily braided to get the right ski hair look you’re going for, and when done well, it won’t show the fake scalp. Not that the latter is a worry for us since our in-built fake scalps mimic your own depending on the color you choose.


1. Low bun après ski hairstyle

For this style, tuck your hair behind your ears and secure everything at the bottom of your neck. Twist it around on itself to form the bun. Use a bigger scrunchy or hair elastic/band to tie over the bun and secure everything in place.

After completing the low bun, you can add an extra layer of protection for your hair with a neck gaiter. Your neck warmer can now double as your hair protector.

These also come in some cute colors and styles, so you do not have to give up looking chic for practicality. Any long Hairvivi wig can get you this look.


2. Low Ponytail – loose or braided … you decide

Like the low bun, secure the hair in one at the base of your neck. A scrunchy is best if you don’t want any indentations being left when you remove it.

Tuck the ends into the back of your jacket as you ski down the hill. This helps to keep your hair protected from the elements. Then you’ll have a cute ponytail for your après skiing session at the lodge.

Try our Chloe deep side part wig with a brown money piece for the look. And she looks even more lovely at night.

Honorable mentions for best hairstyles to go skiing

… that also do double duty après skiing so you can continue enjoying your ski trip without worrying about your hair.


3. The Jasmine ponytail (bubble braids)

The Jasmine hairstyle is a ponytail with multiple bubble/poof sections created with hair bands or elastics. You can make them as big or as small as you like. And like a traditional ponytail, it fits perfectly under your ski helmet. And still looks good flying down the hill.


4. Combine a low bun with two braids

You can do a Dutch braid on each side and, then at the base, turn it into a low bun. The low bun allows you to wear a helmet when skiing. The braids ensure your hair still looks good when the helmet is off.


5. Ideal après-ski-only hairstyles

These styles won’t work for skiing, but they’re definitely ideal for what comes after.

  • Half-up half-down hairstyle (see how to get the look here with a lace frontal wig)
  • French twists
  • Messy high bun

Chic ski hairstyle accessories for after skiing

For the après ski part of your activities, you can consider accessorizing with a few ski staples.

  • Beanie

A beanie can be worn with loose or braided hair. Get one with a silk or satin lining to keep your hair frizz-free. This is ideal when you’re not actively skiing. So, save this for after skiing fun, spectating, or relaxing in the lounge.

  • Ski caps

There are so many to choose from and they work well with any hairstyle that stays down. Let out your hair, keep in your braids, or a ponytail. The ski cap, like the beanie, suits these styles well for après ski activities.

  • Fluffy headwear

This can be a complete covering or with the middle left out. Styles that work well with this include half-down braids and loose curls.

These three accessories are ideal if you plan to wear your hair down, like with this gorgeous long auburn hair wig. If you prefer full black with waves, you can’t go wrong with this lovely black natural hair wig.

How the pros style their hair for a ski trip

Many of our ladies love the fun activities that come with a ski trip, and not just on the hills. So, they want to ensure they are fully ready from hair to clothes, accessories and more. Hair is a big part of the experience and why many of our customers enjoy packing a Hairvivi wig or two to make the trip even more memorable.

As natural hair wigs, it’s going to be difficult to know that you have a wig on. So, we know you’ll be comfortable, look gorgeous, and have fun.

Why pick a (or few) Hairvivi lace wigs for your skiing trip?

  1. No fake scalp needed. We’ve already done all the work to make it built into the wig, so it’s …
  2. Easy install. You can choose a glueless wig for easy installation or a regular install with glue without the hassle of creating a fake scalp

Pro-tip: If you have two (or more, we’re not limiting you here) Hairvivi wigs, you won’t need to worry as much about ski-helmet hair. You have options for day and night-time wear. So, relax after your excursions with hair that’s still stylishly cute (see our recommendations above) and then party away in the night with something more fun, like these natural hair wig beauties.

Ready for fun on the slopes and après ski life?

Cap hair is not it for us here at Hairvivi.

We want a few helmet and hat-friendly hairstyles for enjoying our outdoor winter activities. So, we know you have more than enough to go on with these ski-friendly hair recommendations for both riding the hills and relaxing après-ski.

Now that you know how to keep your hair nice and cute and keep away those frizzies and flyaways, tell us, which style do you plan on using on your next ski trip?

17 février, 2023


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