Hairvivi, as the leading eco-friendly & sustainable wig brand, we aim to blend high-quality wig products with eco-friendly principles, focusing on decline the carbon emission and manage the carbon footprint.


What have we done in the path to Eco-friendly?

  • Sustainable Packaging

Choosing FSC-certified Materials Recycled packaging, we are aiming to promote a recycled economy.

  • Carbon Emissions-Reduced Transportation

We are partnership with DHL for green shipping by using sustainable aviation fuel(SAF) to reduce Carbon emissions.


Are our wigs source ethical?

We are partnering with trusted top hair suppliers who prioritize hair from willing donors, combined with our drive to innovate, it propels us forward on the path of humanitarianism and environmental protection.

Crystiana, Blonde Versatile Wig combines with ethical 100% human hair, offering you a sustainable choice for natural beauty.


Eco-Promotion Alert!


  • Eco-Friendly Gifts--- COFFEE PENs

Buy any Hairvivi wig will receive a box of eco-friendly pens made from coffee grounds.

  • Engage with us on social media

Share your stunning look wearing our wig on social media platforms ( Instagram,TikTok, YouTube,etc. ) in photos or videos . Your posts will showcase your stylish attitude and inspire more people to care about the environment.


Engagement Rules


  1. Share photos or videos wearing our wig on social medias with the designated hashtags (#EcoSummer with Hairvivi , #GreenLiving with Hairvivi, #Eco with Hairvivi).
  1. Every week, we will select several outstanding posts and reward them with special gifts, such as brand discount coupons or limited edition wig care products.





31 mai, 2024


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