As the game-changed brand, Hairvivi steps to improve and protect high-quality life of ladies . We believe every different woman’s life matters, whatever you are playing a role of office lady, young mom, or still a student.


Hairvivi zero-stressed wigs


The designs of wig in Hairvivi were all made by best professional masters, and every order will be cut, styled and colored by top salons before you get it. All effort can saving your time and money spending in normal Salon and no-need pay attention to care or re-style the wigs in your daily life.


Combined with our snug fitted constructions, you'll never need a third hand to help you, get it done in ten minutes for easiest glue-less install then save your every day.


Busy Professional: Time-Saving and Efficiency


For the busy professional woman, time is a valuable asset. Hairvivi wigs save hours washing and styling based on our high-quality texture. This efficiency allows you to focus on your career and other important tasks without compromising your appearance.


Chase, Brown Ombre Wig, Elegant and Natural Hair Color for Ladies of All Ages


Young Mother: Convenience and Confidence


A young mother often juggles multiple responsibilities, from taking care of children to managing daily tasks. Hairvivi wigs allowing you to quickly achieve a polished look even on the busiest of days, supporting you stepping out confidently for school runs, or any social activity.



Crystiana , Impeccable Blonde Wig with Natural Dark roots,First Opt if you want to Ride the Waves of Our Days

Student: Stylish and Simplicity


A student needs a solution that fits busy schedule but still looks slay and stylish in campus or parties. Hairvivi wigs hired most fashionable stylists to design our colors and styles of wigs, making you look fabulous even just have 10 minutes before you go.


Amy, Blonde Highlight Shining Under Golden Sunshine, Show your Energy and Slay in Any Occasions


Ready with Hairvivi, Make She life sparkle with varieties of beauty without any stress!

27 mai, 2024


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  • Fast Delivery: 48HR Free Worldwide Shipping
  • High-rated by 800k Customers: Trustpilot Score 4.7
  • Ready-to-wear Glueless Wigs: Beginner-friendly, install in seconds.
  • Craftsmanship: All are crafted with the utmost care, each one is a treasure.