Summer’s here! And we’re turning the heat up with these hot hair trends for summer 2022.


Because we’ve just spent months keeping our hair covered and out of the elements. Protecting our ladies from the cold. Now it’s time to turn up, step out, and have some fun. And with summer 2022 about to be another renaissance (hey, Bey), we can’t wait to try out these new hairstyles for summer.

So what hairstyles are in for summer 2022? I’m glad you asked. Here are our top picks (and a few Hairvivi natural hair wigs that make it so easy to get the latest hairstyles of 2022 without cutting or relaxing your own hair.)

Renaissance Waves

Summer is definitely gonna be about the Renaissance. What with Queen Bey already heating things up? You’re going to need to be ready with the Renaissance waves … natural-looking waves with a long, tousled look.

You can wear the style up or down depending on your mood or event. The unstructured look doesn’t carry any blunt lines as it’s smooth and flowy. So, you’ll want a longer look with gorgeous waves to stay on trend this summer. And if you need a bit of length to help you out with this style, consider our Bella wig with waves and highlights, the perfect Renaissance-type waves wig for summer.

Blunt Bobs

If you’re worried about the heat and your styling, there’s nothing cooler than a blunt bob. For the blunt bob, everything is on one level with no layers. This style is often the go-to big chop for summer. It's easy to manage, versatile, and quickly styled. Consider messy curls for the beach or style it sleekly straight for a night out. There are lots of possibilities with a short bob.

Like our Millie Short Bob Wig, this summer style will be so much fun to play with. And like Millie, you can add a splash of color with the dark blonde underneath.

Box Braids

Protective styles are a hot favorite for summer. And box braids are relatively quick and easy to get done. They’re like the summer vacation anthem for us Black women.

But, if you don’t feel like sitting in a stylist’s chair to get braids this year, you can always opt to protect your hair with a natural hair wig.

Everything Blonde

Blonde will be one of the main colors for summer. To ensure you’re prepared, you’re going to want to bleach and dye your hair to get that lovely ash-blonde or honey-blonde color.

Or you can simply order a blonde wig online and get it in time for summer. There are quite a few modern shades to try, and you get to choose which ones best suit you this summer.

Feathered Bangs

This is currently one of the more popular TikTok hair trends. So, we know it’ll take off for summer. It’s an easy wear because you basically have a gorgeous style to your hair without actually having to spend the time to style it outside of initially cutting the wispy, feathered bangs. To get the style, cut your bangs to be short in the middle and long on the sides. This allows the bangs to seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair. And you can catch it up out the way at any time.

And if you don’t want to cut your hair to achieve this look, you can always choose a wig with feathered bangs. April, a long natural hair wig, gives layers and can be styled with feathered bangs.

The Victoria Shag

Long shags that are a little more grown with long layers and a curtain fringe are also in for summer 2022. You get length, but you also have shorter layers around your face so it’s not weighing you down.

Choose the Victoria Shag for fun summer parties, nights out, beach and pool parties. It’s a fun style that’ll carry you throughout the days of summer.

Curly Cute Pixie

Yes, super short hair is the perfect style for the heat of Summer. Paired with gorgeous curls, it’s an absolute stunner of a look. You get to keep your hair off the shoulders so you’re not hot and bothered if long hair in the summer heat is not your thing.

So, like our 8-inch pixie curly lace wig, you’ll have a sexy style to last you all summer.

Super Sleekly Straight

A classic look that can never be out or overdone. It’s a sleek, straight hairstyle that only needs your blow dryer, heat protectant, and a decent flat iron.

But if you don’t want to apply heat to your own hair too often over the summer months, consider getting a bone-straight wig. They’ll stand up to the style much more easily than your hair. Just remember that it’s also a natural hair wig, so you need to take care and use a heat protectant too.

It’s gonna be a scorcher of a Summer, and you’ll be sizzling hot in any one of these summer looks.

So, which ones have caught your eye as the perfect summer 2022 hair trend to try?

18 juin, 2022


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