Hair loss is a problem that affects a large group of the people nowadays, both pathologically and naturally. Some people choose to wear wigs to cover it up, and there is a lot of controversy about whether or not this behavior will worsen hair loss.


A hair plant agency with 20 years of experience firmly states that wigs can protect the hair better, but wigs made of breathable materials are needed to protect the native hair. Moreover, wearing a wig with glue can harm the hairline even more, and wigs that support glue-free install are the harmless wigs recommended by experts.


The description of a wig that protects the original hair perfectly matches the qualities of Hairvivi’s wigs, and we have all the advantages that the experts described:


  1. Breathable

Breathable always is the zone we are leading, 0.01mm ultra-thin lace combined with 13X6 big square frontal lace will make you feel zero-stress on your head! Even under strong shining in hot summer, you may have a sweaty hand but never sweaty head!

  1. Glueless Install

We are 100% support No-Glue install with special construction of our wigs. Adjustable high-quality elastic bands and laying perfectly frontal lace make your installation without Glue but Glad!


And the additional benefits we offer are

  •     Seamless looking

 Based on “Breathable” and “ Glueless install”, we definitely insure you will have a given wig look! Worried about lace color? We have 4 options for you to choose, naturally blend with every client’s shade.

Amy, Brown with Invisible lace frontal

  •       Perfect style

Hairvivi’s wigs all have the most fashionable styles be designed by top stylist! Every wig would be pre-cut, pre-plucked and pre-bleached by top salons before you get them! No worries about spending time style wig before you wear it, slay on any occasion and without effort!

Crystiana, Blonde with Shining Highlight

  •       Sentimental Value

Wigs of Hairvivi provide most soft wearing feeling and zero-pressure installation, offer comfort and convenience for individuals experiencing hair loss and Cancer patients. Hairvivi has always collaborated with Susan G. Komen Foundation to support Breast Cancer patients! We always believe everyone has the right to be pretty and be confident to life!


Come and join Hairvivi, Hairvivi also support free-return if you don’t like it.


24 juin, 2024


  • Zero-Risk: 30-Day Free Return & Exchange
  • Fast Delivery: 48HR Free Worldwide Shipping
  • High-rated by 800k Customers: Trustpilot Score 4.7
  • Ready-to-wear Glueless Wigs: Beginner-friendly, install in seconds.
  • Craftsmanship: All are crafted with the utmost care, each one is a treasure.