1. What are your shipping rates?

We offer free express shipping (except for EU countries) for all wigs.

2. Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide by DHL & FedEx except for China and Brazil, because of the high value taxes.

3. What's the shipping time? And can I use a Po.Box or Military Base as a shipping address?

Most of our wigs (with no custom days labeled) can be shipped out within 5 days. Some wigs that need more days to get ready are stated with the exact custom days on the product page. After shipped out, it normally takes 3-5 working days to reach you.

*Po.Boxes, Military addresses (APO, FPO) cannot be delivered. Please leave a physical address for your order.

4. How to track my order?

As soon as your order has shipped, we'll notify you by email providing you with the tracking information for your package!

5. Whats your exchange & return policy?

We accept exchange and returns of unused products within 7 days after the date of delivery. Used, lace cut or altered products are not within our return guidelines.

6. How to exchange & return?

If you would like to make an exchange or return request, please make sure the excess lace is still attached. then send your order number and the pictures of the item(s) that you would like to return to our email address service@hairvivi.com.  One of our friendly team members will reach out to you as soon as possible with the next steps!

7. How to check my order history?

If you placed your order after logging in your Hairvivi account, in your account you will find your "Order History" on the top left corner to review all your favourite items!

8. How to cancel my order?

Should the need arise to cancel an order after you've placed it, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please be aware that order cancellation is a time-sensitive action, shipped out orders cannot be cancelled. So please do get in touch with our team through email service@hairvivi.com as soon as possible.

9. How to  change my order?

If you would like to change your order after you've placed it, like length, fake scalp color or shipping address change, please email service@hairvivi.com ASAP before we ship out your order.

10. Whats payment method can I use?  And do you offer Payment Plan/Installment Plan/After Pay?

We accept payment from PayPal, credit card and debit card. 

We also provide the payment installments service now. Klarna is available to Hairvivi customers. No interest, no hidden fee, and can pay in 4 with interest-free.

11. Which fake scalp color will fit me?

This is the picture of our fake scalp color. We have 3 fake scalp colors for option, and the Cappuccino fake scalp color fits most skin tones. Mocha fake scalp color fits dark brown skin tone. Honey fake scalp color fits beige skin tones. Mocha fake scalp is darker than cappuccino.

fake scalp wig

* The honey fake scalp is upgraded to transparent lace material.

12. How to pay by credit card/debit card?

Click pay with PayPal then it will direct you to the page where you can see the option of pay with credit card or debit card.

13. Will I be subjected to taxes?

Orders shipped to countries out of United States may be subject to duties and taxes that are levied when your parcel arrives in your country. We usually declare the hair as “Synthetic Hair” with a very lower value to help avoid taxes, but if it still happens, Hairvivi is NOT responsible for any duties and taxes. Please contact the local customs office on your side for more information regarding custom policies.

14. What kind of hair is used to make the wigs?

All of our wigs are made with 100% virgin human hair.

15. What are lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs come with combs and adjustable elastic band, it has 6'' lace in the front with sewn on bundles at the back. It can be worn without glue.

16. What are 360 wigs?

360 lace wigs are pre-sewn with 360 frontal and bundles. Lace in the front is 4.5” and 2” at the back. It can be worn without glue with combs and adjusatble elastic band inside the wig.

17. What are glueless full lace wigs?

Glueless full lace wigs are 100% hand tied as well as full lace wigs, but it can be worn without glue because it has combs and adjustable straps.

18. How to choose a cap size?

To get a fit size, you have to measure your head first. Please follow the cap size guide. Then choose the fit size according to your measurements.


wig cap near me

19. Will the lace color fit for me?

Our wigs except for some blonde units all come in light brown lace which has been proved that it fits the most skin tones. 

20. Can the hair be dyed?

Yes, our hair is 100% human hair, you can dye the hair if you want,but pay attention to the bleached knots on the top, don't mess it up.  Colored wigs can't be redyed into colors lighter than its original color. We don't customize colors for our wigs.

21. What is density?

The density is the thickness of the hair. The higher the density, the thicker the hair is.  

Hairvivi human hair wig density
22. What a wig in different length and style will look like?

This is the picture showing the look of curly wigs, straight wigs and wavy wigs in different lengths.

wig lengths-hairvivi human hair wigs,lace front wigs

*There is 1 inch to 2 inch difference depends on your height.

23. What are bleached knots?

When each hair strand is hand tied to the lace area of lace wig, there is a black knot after securing. Bleaching technique helps to make the knots barely invisible and the hair has a natural skinny part.

24. What is lace front wig?

Lace front wigs come with combs and adjusatble elastic band, it has 6'' lace in the front with sewn on bundles at the back. It can be worn without glue.

6 part lace front cap

25. What is 360 lace wig?

360 lace wigs come with lace all around and sewn-on bundles in the middle. It is pre-sewn by 360 frontal and bundles. Lace in the front is 4.5” and 2” at the back. It can be worn without glue with combs and adjustable elastic band inside the wig.

26. What is glueless full lace wig?

Glueless full lace wigs are 100% hand sewn as well as full lace wigs, but it can be worn without glue because it has combs and adjustable straps.


27. What's the difference between 5x5 closure wigs and 13x6 lace frontal wigs?

The 5x5 closure wig covers 5 inches across your forehead and 5 inches to the back. So the handmade lace area won’t reach your the hair on the temples, but they can give you a natural hairline for the forehead part with free natural parting in the front lace area.

Hairvivi 13 x 6 frontal lace wig comes with lace that is 13 inches across from ear to ear and 6 inches to the back. This means the wig stretches out from one end of your ear with a parting that goes from the hairline back 6 inches. 

13x6 lace frontal wig vs 5x5 closure wig

28.  What is T part wig?

A T part wig comes with the lace from ear to ear on the edges and in the middle of the parting space, which makes a “T” shape on the wig. The handmade lace area extends from ear to ear(13inches) same as lace front wig but only a T-shaped lace area from the front to the back, and the parting length comes in deep 6 inch for a natural parting look. So this T part lace wig is a great choice for a middle part lover.