Wispy Clip In Bangs

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The hairstyle defaults to product image and can be parted freely.

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Wispy Clip In Bangs Human Hair V-Shape

Hairvivi clip-in bangs are specially designed in V-shape which therefore can make the bang seamlessly blend with the wig or our real hair but surprisingly keep visible parting.  Hairvivi offers thick & light clip-in bangs for options. Thick bangs are great for balancing both short and long layers or concealing forehead space. Light wispy bangs / airy bangs hold a carefree feel. If you are looking for something new while not quite ready to commit, then Hairvivi clip-in bangs which can switch up your look in seconds would be a top choice.  

Notice: Since the wig with the clip in bang will exceed our weight range for free shipping, so we charge $8 for the overweight shipping fee. Hope to get your understanding.