Here are 23 facts about wigs that you probably didn't know!

1. The Oxford English Dictionary notes ‘wig’ first appeared in the 14th century and was used to refer to “a type of bun or small cake made of fine flour”.

2. Samuel Pepys records, on 8 April 1664, ‘then home to the only Lenten supper I have had of wiggs and ale’.

3. ‘Wig’ (short for ‘periwig’) has only been used in English language since 1675, it is derived from the French term ‘perruque’.

4. Wigs were first worn by Egyptians. They typically had clean-shaven or cut their hair short to wear wigs. These wigs were created to protect bald heads from the sun.

5. In past centuries, wigs were more likely to be worn by men than women, especially within royalty. 

6. Queen Elizabeth I of England owned 150 wigs.

7. King Louis XIII of France started to wear wigs in 1624 when he had prematurely begun to bald.

8. In 1660s, wig fashion was largely promoted by King Louis XIV. Wigs became a status symbol for the upper classes.

9. Mozart put on a wig to conceal a flaw in his left ear.

10. The word ‘bigwig’ originated from the practice of influential people having the largest wigs.

11. In 1765, wig makers marched in London to request King to make it mandatory for certain professions to wear wigs. 

12. Women’s wigs were worn from the 18th century onwards.

13. Possibly the strangest wig use is to manufacture amino acids, which in turn can be used to create pizza dough.

14. In UK and Ireland, wigs are also worn by barristers, judges, and certain government and civic officials as a symbol of their role.

15. Over 80 wigs were crafted for The Two Towers, the second Lord of the Rings.

16. Most of the hair used to create human hair wigs come from India and China.

17. The wig market grows faster than the skincare market.

18. Natural red hair wigs are extremely rare.

19. Lots of celebrities wear wigs in public.

20. International Wig Day is celebrated on March 10 every year.

21. A quality wig will take a lot of time to create.

22. A trademark silver wig worn by pop artist Andy Warhol has sold for $10,800 (ÂŁ5,900) at an auction in New York.

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January 13, 2023

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