Hairvivi Innovations: Pre-plucked Hairline, Pre-bleached Knots and Fake Scalp

At Hairvivi, innovation and progression have always been at the core of everything we do and it’s our driving force. We were founded with the purpose of helping customers achieve the most natural-looking wigs using techniques that have never been done. Below are 7 techniques we are most proud of developing that have really changed the wig game.

preplucked hairline prebleached knots fake scalp

Pre-Sewn Transitional Hairline

In 2016, Hairvivi was the first company to launch the Pre-sewn transitional hairline, which is achieved by a new and special hand-tied technique to create a natural density transition for the hairline. 

hairvivi wig innovations

Pre-Bleached Knots

In 2017, Hairvivi was the first to launch customized wigs with pre-bleached knots in the wig industry. The purpose was to keep the knots looking visible and ensure the knots remain stable and save our customers' time by simplifying the wig wearing process. As you can see below, bleaching the knots makes the wig look natural.

hairvivi wig innovations

Pre-Made Fake Scalp

In 2019, Hairvivi Pre-Made Fake Scalp was finally released after experiencing an intense testing process of thousands of cap materials, cap positions and colors. The goal was to make our customer have a more natural and realistic look even when you go out into the sunlight.

hairvivi wig innovations

After years of constant adjustments, we further upgraded the fake scalp material to ensure its durability and breathability.

hairvivi wig innovations

We hand-selected three different fake scalp colors to have it blend into your skin tone seamlessly.

Piano Keys Elastic Band

In April 2020, Hairvivi launched the Piano Keys Elastic Band with the goal of having our wigs fit our customers as perfectly as possible. This meant giving our customers more customization. After experimenting with different sewing positions, we found the most optimal results achieved by adding three slots, as seen below. This allows more room for adjustments while also giving a secure and snug fit even without applying glue.

hairvivi wig innovations

Replaceable HD Lace Hairline

Sometimes your frontals just start to lose more and more hair overtime, but you don't want to buy an entire wig since the wig wefts are still in good condition. Hairvivi launched the replaceable HD lace hairline in April 2021 with this in mind. 

The replaceable HD lace hairline was created so that you can simply replace the old hairline without having to buy a new wig, and your wig looks as good as new.

 hairvivi wig innovations

hairvivi wig innovations

Bendable V-Shape Ear Tabs

Bendable V-shape Ear Tabs are made with flexible and plastic material. Gently bend the V-shape ear tabs in the direction of the scalp so that the 3 points of the “V” are attached to the scalp to play a fixed role to prevent sideburns from lifting up even without applying glue. All in all, you can adjust the Bendable V-shape Ear Tabs to make the sideburns lace naturally melt to your skin. 

glueless lace front wig

Anti-Slip Silicone Stickers

These silicone pads, on the bottom of the wig, increase friction between the skin and the wig, adding extra security.

glueless lace front wig

The bendable V-shape ear tabs, anti-slip silicone stickers, and piano keys elastic band work together make zero adhesive wig attainable. Check the video down below to learn more!

zero adhesive wig

Hairvivi is customer-centric, and we are constantly discovering, changing, and evolving to introduce new methods, new ideas, and new products. Our customers are important to us, and we are constantly listening to their needs and improving our techniques.



  • Felicia Carter

    Love the HD lace wigs but I only have one request can you make a HD Lace wig without the back flap so the wig would fit more snug and not lift.

  • Karen Hull

    Thank you for ALL your innovations….I’m so excited about the replaceable Hair Line.. thats unique ❤

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