Fake Scalp Wigs

86 products

86 products

Whatā€™s Hairvivi Fake Scalp?

Hairvivi Pre-Made Fake Scalp WigĀ is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. Experiencing tons of tests of various cap materials and colors on different skin tones, in March 2019, Hairvivi adopts a new fake scalp method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems, as well, the fake scalp can match to most of our customersā€™Ā skin tones. And we keep updating our fake scalp to make it more natural and durable, experiencing the third time of improvement, now ourĀ wigs for black women come with an extra layer of delicate, thin, and breathable silk on the cap to ensure its durability and skin-like reality.

Why Choose Hairvivi Fake Scalp Wig?

With the HairviviĀ fake scalp wig, you don't have to do cornrows, to use wig caps, to do bald cap method or fake scalp method. Hairvivi fake scalp lace wigs perfectly team up with the bleached knots serving the most natural skin parting. The hairline is hand-knotted with a natural transition, the elastic band is also pre-sewed for secure and snug glueless wearing. This is the ultimateĀ lace wigĀ that you can put on the head and step out the door.