Move over box braids. You aren’t the only low maintenance vacation hairstyle in town.

In fact, planning your vacation doesn’t need you booking a trip to a salon for hours in a stylist’s chair. It’s already stressful – and of course exciting – already. What with planning your outfits, matching shoes, entertainment and more at your destination. Plus, who wants to limit themselves by having one hairstyle for the whole trip or trying to figure out how to style your hair on vacation?

Not us. And we’re sure, not you either.

So, here are our top picks for fave low maintenance vacation hairstyles for those gorgeous insta-worthy shots. Vacation planning has never been this easy because, trust us, you will not be spending hours trying to style your hair just right. And you get the chance to change up your look daily if you like.

These vacation-friendly hairstyles are all possible with the right wigs – we are Hairvivi, after all. These wigs are your passport to a world of chic, effortless, and most importantly, low-maintenance vacation hairstyles. (Make sure you check out our accessories suggestions at the end of the post.)

But before we get into these vacation-friendly hairstyles ….

What makes these the easiest low maintenance vacation hairstyles?

Wigs are an overlooked gem when it comes to vacation hairstyling. These are just 4 of the reasons why we prefer Hairvivi wigs to other hairstyles for our rest and relaxation trips.

  1. Easy to install. No need to worry about glues, bleaching knots, or other wig prep. You have glueless install wig options with pre-bleached knots and pre-plucked hairlines, just for you to install and go.
  2. Protect your natural hair. You get to keep your hair safe from sun, sea, sand, wind – all the elements you could be exposed to during your vacation.
  3. Unmatched versatility. With wigs, you can switch up your looks to match your mood and outfit, even your location. No long-term hair commitment needed.
  4. Ultimate convenience. No need to wait around hours for hair to dry or spend precious vacation time styling it. Hit the beach and need to go out? Switch out the wig for another one – just install and go.

Now that you know why these are low maintenance, let’s get into our favorite wigs for vacation.

1. A chic bob wig

Nothing says vacation ready like a chic shoulder-grazing or cheeky short bob. You can choose from a variety of lengths with short wigs/bob cuts to get a style that suits the shape of your face.

A bob wig is perfect for a summer getaway to a tropical location. It’s not warm and uncomfortable like braids would be. And you get to wear it straight or curly, whichever you prefer.

If you can’t decide what you like, two of our favorites for quick and easy hairstyles meant for vacation fun are Bryana, a short bob wig with an enticing money-piece highlight, and Erin, an 8” natural hair bob wig human with exotic curls.


2. Caribbean curls (curly wigs)

For another instant hairstyle option for that tropical sun, look at a few curly wigs. If you want a low maintenance, protective style that mimics your hair texture, then a curly wig will suit you. You can style it with thicker, bouncier curls or opt for smaller, tighter curls. You choose.

Plus, our wigs have a soft and silky texture. You won’t need to worry about tangles; there are countless ways to style them, especially if you choose our Caribbean deep wave lace front wig


3. Stay on brand with Kinky & Yaki Wigs

And speaking of wigs that can match your hair texter, if you’re on the kinkier side of the curl pattern, our kinky/yaki wigs are just what you should be packing for your trip.

Check out our yaki/kinky wig collection for more fun protective hairstyles for your next vacation.


4. Sleek and straight vacation-friendly hairstyles

From fancy clubs to exquisite restaurants, the pool or beachside, straight hair wigs fit in anywhere.

One of our most popular straight wigs and a timeless choice is Victoria. As one reviewer said – never disappointed. She’s silky soft with a fake scalp adjustable elastic band, so she’s easy to put on and get going. No time wasted on your vacation. And you look like a dream no matter what.


5. Beachy and wavy hairstyles

Add volume to your look with a wavy natural hair wig that you can take from day casual to nightly formal. You get to decide which looks work for your outfits and your planned events ahead of time.


6. Bangs are serving looks

Wigs with bangs should be a vacation staple. Rylee, our loose wave natural hair wig with curtain bangs is one of our faves.

But, if you don’t want to be stuck with a bang all the time, you can opt for a clip-in bang that you only bring out for those special occasions. That’s two new looks without an extra wig.


7. Layered wigs for the cut

Flawlessly layered cuts aren’t easy to achieve. But with the right wig, you get the layered look instantly.

So, for straight and layered, you get the best of both worlds with this natural-looking frontal wig. She’s perfect for side or middle parts so you can switch up your looks throughout your vacation.

Each of these wig recommendations offer a variety of styling options for the perfect vacation hairstyles

And that’s one of the reasons why this post looked at the styles we have and not just styling options. Because you get to do so much more with just one wig.

Depending on the length of the wig, you can consider doing:

  • Ponytails
  • Buns
  • Middle parts
  • Side parts
  • Updos
  • Side braids
  • Half up, half down
  • French braids
  • Half up halo

Or simply wear them loose. Within each of these, you have other styling options too – like a high ponytail versus a low ponytail. A low bun versus a high bun. Going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one type of style for the duration of your trip.

You have choices as you deserve. So, even if you opt to take only two wigs with you, you can change your look as often as you’d like.

Because with these wigs you are ready to serve a look on your next vacation

And remember – accessories are also your friend.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your wigs with your favorite hair accessories like clips, scarves, hats, headbands, or head wraps. And most of all – remember to have fun with your hair and on your trip.

June 05, 2023


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