Summer is almost here, and I know you’re already making plans.

Now let’s not forget the hair and what you might need to make 2022 your best summer yet. But what if you’re not sure which wig is the right one for summer?

We’ve got you. Here are our top summer wig picks for every occasion.

To help you plan for the summer, we’ve gone through our wigs to highlight a treasured few that are summer-ready. Granted, these aren’t the only wigs for the summer, but they give you a head start in terms of what to look for.

So, here are our top summer wig picks for having the most fun this summer.

What makes for a great summer wig?

Comfort. Styling Options. Your plans, of course.

A wig for every occasion starts with knowing what you intend to do or finding something versatile that you can wear no matter the event.

So, if you love changing things up without changing your hair, then getting the right wigs can make your summer even brighter. Or if you want just that one beauty that speaks to you, you can find it here at Hairvivi.

Best human hair wigs for the summer heat

The heat is real. And if you have to be out and about during the day, it’s best to have something short and light.

That’s where a cute blunt bob comes in. That means no sweaty hair matting on your shoulders. And a fun and flirty look. The perfect combination.

A favorite and a classic, it’s perfect for everyday wear AND for styling it up to head out at night. We love our Millie short bob wig for her lovely colors, fantastic styling options, and just overall being a great summer wig to get started. And we have loads of other natural hair bob wig options to help you get ready for summer.

If you prefer a bit of length for everyday wear, try April, a natural-looking frontal wig with an almost invisible scalp. She’s lightweight and comes silky straight.

Best human hair wigs for the beach

Is it meta that we’re thinking beach waves for the beach? No? Glad you agree with us.

The beachy look starts with curls. Beach waves. Curly wigs. You name it, it’s perfect to lounge on the beach or frolic in the ocean.

Janice is a great human hair wig for the beach. She stays curly even when wet. So, no worries about ruining your beautiful curls. And even better, she’s on our bestseller list and among our top-rated wigs. So, you can’t go wrong with her this summer.

Best human hair wigs for vacation

You’ll want something easy to install and where you can change it up if necessary. And it should be able to travel well. So, whether you’re staycationing nearby or jet-setting across the world, your wig should hold up to the rigors of travel. Glueless, lace front wigs travel well and are easy to install.

Let’s Party with Sleek Straight Wigs

A birthday party, bachelorette party, shower, a celebration. Whatever the party, you need something for your hair. Victoria is one of the perfect any-occasion-wigs, a straight wig that fits just about any event – day or night. She’s easy to dress up or down and style sleek straight or add a bit of curl.

Best human hair wigs for a wedding (if you’re a guest)

If you’re not a fan of short hair, you may want longer tresses for a special occasion. A wedding, date night, or special occasion calls for bringing out the special ladies.

If you want to do an updo, make sure to get an HD lace wig that blends seamlessly into your scalp

Hairvivi wigs are unmatched in that department with our high-quality HD Swiss lace wigs that come pre-plucked with bleached knots. For a gorgeous wig for a wedding guest like yourself, we recommend Lillian, a 180% high-density ombre lace front wig that’s thick and gorgeous.

Best human hair wigs for date night

There’s nothing like a night out with your special someone. And since summer is all about the blonde looks, Thema, our blonde ombre wig, is waiting for you.

So, if you need to remind them why they enjoy going out with you too, she’s got you. You’re going to look as stunning as you feel as a Hairvivi wig knows how to style you to step up and step out!

Browse our date night wigs for a few more options you might like.

Best human hair wigs for festivals and concerts

Concerts and festivals are often crowded, hot affairs. If it’s a day festival where you know you won’t be crammed together, then you could get away with a longer style. If it’s going to get crowdy and rowdy, perhaps a shorter look is better.

We’ve got three picks for you depending on your style and you can wear them even when partying up a storm.

  1. A short curly bob wig that stands up to the crowd or stands out with you
  2. A splash of color and style with a longer blonde curly wig that never goes out of style
  3. A whole lot of length and cuteness with a long black wig with bangs

Finally, before you buy your wigs, check that they are breathable and can hold up to the summer heat. For example, we’ve designed our wigs here at Hairvivi to be light even when thick and have a high volume/density. Our caps and fake scalp are breathable to keep your natural hair safe and protected under your wig. So, your best bet is 100% virgin human hair wigs for comfort, longevity, and styling.

May 17, 2022


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