One of the best things that happened with the natural hair of  black women was the coloring that followed. Now, we see different colors of hair on the beautiful head of black women and we cannot stop adoring the entire beauty of it all. From red to pink, to purple, even more, daring colors like neon green, or white even.

An important thing to note about hair color is that, it works for different people in different ways.  What fits Woman A, will not fit Woman B. While there is a wide array of colors to choose from, you also have to be sure that the color you are choosing is the right one for you. Hair color is like outfits, it’s not a one size fits all, or in this case, one color fits all. Because our body types differ, we cannot all wear the same thing, our body types are a determining factor with our fashion choices.

The first step to getting the right color for your hair is knowing and understanding your skin undertone.

What are the skin's undertones?

There are three types of skin tones for black people, one is the deep dark skin tone, the other is the dark skin tone and finally, the tan skin tone. The tan skin tone is a little lighter than the dark skin tone, and the deep dark skin is darker than the dark skin. Now, your skin undertone is different from your original skin tone. While these undertones seem rather insignificant, they are very active when they notice another color around them. Whatever colors you are bringing to the party has to match your skin undertone or there will be visible conflict.

Warm skin undertone: The warm skin tone is characterized by a yellow undertone to your skin. In some cases, you might even find some red or gold.


Cool skin undertones: With cool undertones, you will find out that you have either a blue or pink color for undertone.


Neutral skin undertone: Neutral skin undertone is characterized by beige or brown color.


How do you find your undertone?

There are a few ways you can decide what undertone your skin carries.

The vein and the light: This is pretty simple, take your wrist out in natural light and look carefully at it. Search for any of the colors mentioned with your eyes while looking at your wrist(s).

Listen to your jewelry: When you look in the mirror after wearing jewelry, do you think you look better in gold or silver jewelry? Which of these jewelry seems to make the entire skin around it glow. If for you, gold is what brings out your radiance, then there is a chance that you have a warm undertone. If silver is the way you go, then you cool undertone for you. A neutral undertone is indifferent about it, either jewelry color pops on then.

hair color for black women

Your eye color: People with cool undertones may have eye colors that are in between blue, gray, and green. While those with warm undertones have eye colors that are between all the shades of brown, from chestnut to hazel, and amber.  

A tan or a burn: When the sun comes burning, do you end up red with sunburns, or do you burn then tan, exposing some more chocolateness to your skin? In some cases, the latter means you have a cool undertone, while the former means you have a warm undertone

What hair color suits what skin undertone?

An unspoken rule with hair colors is that “you should always go with a color that is the direct opposite of your skin undertone”. This is because you want something to complement the skin undertone, not make it in everyone's face.

For the deep dark skin, warm undertones: The colors that would go for these are, dark golden blonde, cinnamon brown, bronze, cherry red, burgundy, auburn, and a copper Red.

 hair color for black women

For the deep dark skin, cool undertones: Some colors that would look amazing for this skin undertones are cream, lilac blonde, honey blonde, silver-blonde, champagne blonde. This seems like the brighter the blonde, the better. With this skin tone, bright-colored hairs seem to work just fine. There is always the mauve and teal.

 hair color for black women

For the deep dark skin, neutral undertones: The best colors for this undertone are bright colors, teal, mauve, blonde, as the undertone color is not very visible. If you are in the mode for daring, maybe you can try pastel, it may not look good, but it is worth a try.


hair color for black women


For the tan skin, warm undertones:  A honey blonde will highlight your skin.


hair color for black women


For the tan skin, cool undertones: Honey, Honey, Honey. If you are looking to highlight your skin tone, your best bet at getting that done is wearing a honey color on your hair. Chestnut brown is yet another thing that you could try out. Red in all its beautiful pepper glory, cranberry red is a great idea too. A blonde hair with red or gold undertones would have been perfect for her

 hair color for black women

For the tan skin, neutral undertones: Scarlet, raspberry, cranberry, almost every shade of red will come out beautiful on your hair. Honey blonde will be just perfect as well.

 hair color for black women

For the dark skin, warm undertones: Honey brown with a touch of blonde tips, some silver or gray tips. You can pull a Viola Davis and go for an auburn brown.


hair color for black women


For the dark skin, cool undertones: Lilac, a light shade of purple, rose gold, champagne gold, mauve, teal or champagne pink, hazelnut brown if you are not up for the daring. A platinum blonde gives off a sexy vibe.

For the dark skin neutral undertones: Gray or silver, these bring out the ice in icy, platinum blonde is sexy.

hair color for black women

As long as you have got your skin tones and undertones solved, dying your hair should not be a problem. Now, go on. Hit up the nearest salon and unleash your sexy!

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September 18, 2020


Barbara Perez-Jackson said:

Do you have any gray wigs?

Barbara Perez-Jackson said:

Do you have gray wigs

Barbara Perez-Jackson said:

I would like to purchase a lace front gray wig with a side or middle part with baby hairs. Gray color number 44

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