Although color and length are essential when buying a high quality wig, it is trivial when compared to other factors that determine the durability and purpose of high quality human hair wigs. Whether you are buying a high quality lace front wig to spice up your appearance or cover your scalp, there are some things you must know before buying a wig.

The Cut and Style

The cut of the lace wig is defined by the length, the shape, and how the hair is styled on the cap. The style has to do with your facial structure and what will look good on it. For instance, ladies with a round face will look fabulous in long wigs, lob side wigs, or ponytail wigs.

These high quality wigs enhance the face by slimming and elongating it. However, short bob wigs, sharp edges, and medium coil wigs do flatter the oval face.

human hair wigs


Depending on what you desire, there are two textures for you to choose from – high quality human hair wigs or synthetic. Human hair allows you to style it any way you want. Human hair can be colored, straightened, heat treated, and maintained as required. Human hair wig is long-lasting and a time-saver since it’s easy to style and install.

hairvivi human hair wigs

Synthetic hair resembles human hair, but it does not take to heat, excess maintenance, and styling, even they’re claimed as high quality synthetic wigs.

The Cap Size

This is everything when buying a high quality wig. If you buy a size too small, you will not use the wig. If it is too big, you cannot use it too. Whether you are shopping online or buying at your favorite store, ensure you know your head size. Here’s the size chart of Hairvivi cap size:

High quality wigs

In addition to the circumference, keep in mind the style you want to create with your wig. Hairvivi lace front wigs have 5.5-inch lace in the front which enables you to part and style it as natural looking as possible.

hairvivi lace front wigs

The cap construction also affects the style you can do with your wig. Hairvivi cap constructions include 5.5-inch lace front wig, 6 inches part glueless full lace wig, and 360 lace frontal wigs with 4.5" lace in the front and 2" lace at the back. All Hairvivi lace wigs in high quality create a rather natural look that blends with your skin.

Your Lifestyle

Your wig is a fabulous addition to your beauty routine and should fit into your daily habits. When you decide to buy a wig; answer the following questions:

  • Does it suit your lifestyle?
  • Does it allow you to easily carry out daily errands?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a wig?
  • Do you require a wig that you style daily or once a week?
  • What is your maintaining schedule?

Regardless of what you want in a wig, the following tips should guide you through to the best one for you. As mentioned in the beginning, color and length are secondary to the factors that qualify a wig. Hope the tips above can help you find your perfect high quality wig!

July 02, 2020


Georgia Melvin said:

love my hair thinking of purchasing another one

Serena said:

Hello, I’ve not made a purchase as yet however, I absolutely love the fact that your company provides so much information to consumers about your wigs and gives so much guidance on the buying, styling, wearing, washing, etc. I’ve not come across any other wig seller that is so invested their customers.

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