If you have just purchased or gotten a new lace front wig then it is important to know that you have cut it before you can wear it.

Cutting the lace front wig is simple but you need to know and master it properly so you can get it right. The first thing to do is to make sure you have the necessary tools that are needed to cut the wig. Some of these tools include; Scissors, wig clips, tweezers, and a wig head.

how to cut a lace frontal wig

You do not necessarily need a wig head so do not stress if you cannot get one. The point of having the wig clips is to be able to keep your hair back to make it easy to cut.

The following detailed steps make it easy for you to perfectly cut your lace frontal wig;


Carefully braid your hair into simple cornrows. If you cannot do this then you can attach your hair tightly to the handle of a comb or brush. Some people use pencils or pens for this but what is important is to arrange the hair neatly. The reason for doing this is to make sure that the wig is properly balanced on your head. The next thing to do is to cover the hair with a wig cap.

how to cut a lace front wig


Put the wig on the head and adjust the front lace until it fits properly on your head. If the wig is tangled then you need to brush to detangle it using a wig brush. Make sure the wig is properly fitted on your head.

how to cut a lace front wig


Make the lace to lie on the forehead securely. Ensure that the base of the lace is aligned with your hairline. By placing a straight ruler on the lace vertically, you can now begin to mark small dots using a pen or pencil at a quarter-inch or one-eighth inch of the lace front. Start marking the dots from the left-hand side of the lace where the lace meets the front lace wig hair.

how to cut a lace front wig


Connect the dots that you have made with a line that runs across the front lace wig.


Using scissors, cut the lace following the dots you have made along the line. Cut the lace into three sections first then cut in a zigzag pattern. Keep your hand steady and do not cut it straight. Remove the pen marks on the lace.  

how to cut a lace front wig


You can now glue the leftover lace to on your head by using a good adhesive. You can also conceal with makeup.

how to cut a lace front wig


Slide a thin hair clip in a vertical position to show the position after finding the middle of the front of the lace wig. Part the lace on each side of the thin hair clip indiscriminately.

Keep loose hair of the lace wig from being cut by using two big hair clips to hold the hair back on each side of the middle marking.

Do not cut away too much of the lace as it might damage the wig. Cut the lace with sharp scissors and maintain a zigzag pattern. Cut from the side to the front.  


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ombre lace front wig

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Wanna learn how to pluck a wig? Click here to view details.


August 07, 2020

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