It’s music festival season. And while the fits you’ve chosen are fabulous, you need the heat-proof music festival-ready hairstyles to match.

Festival hairstyles should be chic yet practical, fun but also quite stylish. You want to look good without worrying about your hair too much. You’ll need to take those snaps and insta-worthy photos so your family, friends, and followers can share in on the fun.

And now that it’s time for thrilling live performances, stunning festival outfits, and infectious energy, you need the hairstyles to match. So, let’s get you ready to join the many music lovers from around the world and celebrate your shared passion for great music.

Here are our go-to summer music festival hairstyles – and the wigs to make the looks seamless

The cute summer music festival hairstyles that will keep you cool while ensuring you stand out in the crowd.


1. Charming half-up half-down bun

If you’re the festival goer looking for a low fuss but still chic hairstyle, then the half-up half-down bun is for you. It’s perfect for varying lengths and works well with straight hair or curls. Simply gather the upper section of your hair and twist it into a bun – could be neat or messy. Your choice. Then let the lower section cascade down freely.

Go curly with our Caribbean deep wave wig. She’ll let you create a messy half up half down bun that’s simply perfect for the summer weather and festival fun. (Check out the review from ‘Jersey Girl’ to see how one of our thrilled customers did this very style with her Caribbean deep wave wig.)

While this style works quite well on its own, you can enhance the look with colorful clips, vibrant hair pins, or a glittery hair tie – you know – inject some festival sparkle through your hair.


2. Ponytails for the win

You can’t get around this heat-proof, summer fun ready hairstyle.

Get a glueless wavy HD lace wig such as Camilla to create the perfect ponytail. It can be a loose ponytail – only putting in a hair tie at the base of the ponytail – or braid it all the way to the ends.

And you can accessorize with a hat if you want to beat the summer heat.

You can try the style with Rylee, our loose wave natural black wig with curtain bangs if you don’t want to wear her out loose like our styles at 5.


3. Loose curls with colorful wigs

Our Elsa colorful wigs collection is just the type of wigs you need for a fabulous music festival season. Choose one or all of them and you’ll have summer memories to last a lifetime.

So, what are your color options? Choose from the:

  1. dazzling hot pink wig that’ll have you standing out in a crowd
  2. seamless blend of pink and blonde for the best of both worlds
  3. stunning buttermilk blonde shade that’s sleek and on trend for the summer
  4. blonde wig with a silver-blue hue for your inner ice queen


4. Money-piece highlights

A festival hairstyle is nothing without some color. But if you don’t want to go full color, a good frontal highlight is a great option to add a bit of color and fun to your hairstyle.

And do we have several options for you? Amy, a brown hair wig with blonde highlights and a money piece screams music festival here I come. Or, grab Haven, a side or middle part wig with caramel highlights and the perfect money piece that says here I am.


5. Loose curls/waves for the summer

Middle part. Long waves. Perfectly blended colors. All the elements you need for a wig are done just right for your next music festival. Izzie, a middle-part lace front wig, is the 100% human hair wig you should be styling if you want a festival-ready hairstyle that’ll suit any outfit.

“I never saw a wig with a lace front so great!” A bit hard to beat this complement for our HD lace wig with caramel highlights and loose curls. Side part or middle, you cannot go wrong with this style for a full summer music festival excursion. And to think all you have to do is open the package and install these two wigs for you to be good to go.


6. The blondes of the summer

Rock the stunning summer blonde wig with Alice, our lace front wig that’s ready for the music festival scene. She looks quite natural with her darker roots. And you can style her based on your outfit. We recommend rocking the carefree vibe of an outdoor festival with look two.

Our second option for a blonde summer wig is Vivian, a transparent HD lace wig with a rooty beige blonde color. Style with a middle part, wear your funky shades, and your new knitted top. This is the summer music festival fit to beat.


7. Hair scarf styles

A must-do hairstyle for an outdoor summer festival. And one that makes it easy to fit your shades atop your head without worrying about messing up your hairstyle.

Simply tie your hair in a low or high ponytail. Then wrap the scarf around the base and let the ends of your hair (or wig) flow with the wind. There is also the option of using the scarf as a headband (or just getting a colorful headband to match your outfit). Some even weave the scarf into their hair – and you can definitely do this with a Hairvivi wig.


8. Fishtail braids

Bet you didn’t think you could achieve a fishtail braid with a wig. But you can.

Get yourself a lace front wig. Chase, our brown ombre wig, jasmine, a lace front wavy wig, or any Hairvivi lace front wig will do. Divide your hair into two sections. Then taking hair alternatively from each, create your fishtail braid to the end. Clip off with a pretty hair tie or hair clip at the end.

Wear straight down the back or flip over a shoulder. And remember, just have fun.

Not into the fishtails? You can opt for two small braids either at the front of the hair (like a money piece highlight) or into the sides.


9. Bob cuts with hair accessories

If you prefer shorter hair for those sweltering summer festival days, not to worry. We’ve got you. These bob hairstyles are low maintenance. And even better, easy to accessorize. Think colorful clips, decorative hair pins, and jeweled headbands to instantly elevate your festival look.

Erin is a great black bob cut wig to accessorize with colorful clips or fancy headband.


So those were our festival hairstyles you’ll fall in love with.

But before you go … check out our proven -

Tips for making the most of your summer music festival hairstyles

Carry more than one wig

If you’re attending a multi-day festival, it just makes sense to have more than one wig. It’ll allow you to:

  • Change up your look throughout the festival. With Hairvivi’s glueless lace front wigs, you can change up your hairstyles as often as you like without worrying about losing your hair while dancing.
  • Give your wigs a chance to air out because you know how hot and sweltering those festivals can be. This will ensure that you get the lifetime value out of your wigs.

Accessories are your friends

You can switch up the look of any wig with the right accessories. Today headbands. Tomorrow glittery clips. Day after fancy pins, stunning hats. Your options are endless, even if you choose to walk with only one wig for a multi-day music festival.

Remember, your best festival hairstyle is one that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable. A music festival is also the perfect place to try something new to express yourself. So, get creative and, most of all, have fun.

Sway to the rhythm of your faves, enjoy your summer music festival, and have fun styling your hair with these music festival hairstyles you need to try now. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you do!

July 28, 2023


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