As mid-summer rolls around, thoughts inevitably turn to one thing - the beach! Whether you're fortunate enough to live by the coast or have a vacation planned, the allure of the salty air, sandy toes, and the refreshing sea breeze is irresistible. However, if you wear a wig, you may be wondering how to tackle the beach without any fuss.

Fear not, as we have some easy steps to care for your wig and ensure you feel self-assured at the beach. Furthermore, we'll guide you on selecting the perfect glueless wigs for beach activities and share tips to keep it looking flawless.

Tip 1: Don’t dive or jump into the water

The pressure exerted during diving or jumping can result in the wig being forcefully removed from your head, irrespective of how securely it is attached. This occurrence can be a bit awkward and unexpected in the moment.

Tip 2: Save your best wig for the best

To preserve the quality of your wig, it's important to be mindful of certain factors like saltwater, sand, and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it's advisable to reserve your finest wigs for special occasions such as dinners out, day trips, and cocktails. For beach outings or swimming in the sea or pool, it might be wise to opt for a wig that you're not as attached to, ensuring that any potential damage is minimized.

Tip 3: Apply Water-proof Glue Or Adhesive

To ensure your wig stays securely in place while at the beach, it's important to use waterproof glue instead of regular wig tape, glue liners, and straps. We recommend testing the waterproofness of your glue before taking a dip in the water. You can do this by testing the glue in your bathtub, or a secluded pool, or by taking an extended shower to determine if the glue holds up against the water.

Tip 4: Use Conditioner

Proper wig maintenance is crucial if you choose to wear a wig while swimming. It is essential to thoroughly wash your wig after swimming to eliminate the harsh pool chemicals as soon as possible. After washing, remember to apply a leave-in conditioner to your wig. This not only helps to prevent it from becoming brittle and dry but also aids in maintaining its longevity.

Check out our favorite beach hairstyles:

Beach waves

The beach wave hairstyle mimics the effects of saltwater and sun exposure, resulting in a slightly undone and windswept aesthetic. The waves are loose and not overly defined, giving off a laid-back and effortless vibe. 

One of our best sellers, Camilla, a wavy natural color wig, reminds you of the hot breeze from Miami Beach with its gorgeous and loose waves. Or, you can try Izzie, which comes with brown hair with blonde highlights.

The Half-and-Half

The half-up, half-bun hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can be worn by individuals with any hair length, thickness, and texture. It provides a seamless combination of style and practicality by keeping your hair away from your face. This hairstyle is particularly well-suited for beach trips as it effortlessly integrates with braids and twists, allowing you to achieve a distinct and chic look.

Our exquisite human hair bob wig, Emery, makes it easy for you to achieve a carefree half-up, half-bun hairstyle. For those desiring a longer hair look, we highly recommend Vivian, our stunning lace front blonde wig.

Beach Braids

Beach braids are an excellent choice for a hairstyle that is not only attractive but also protective. They offer the advantage of keeping your wig cap intact, preventing hair loss, and ensuring that your wig stays securely in place on your head.

There are various types of braids to choose from, each with its own unique charm. Options include the timeless three-stranded braid, the intricate fishtail braid, the elegant French braid, the charming Dutch braid, the enchanting Milkmaid braid, and the captivating waterfall braid.

Our collection of glueless lace front wigs offers a range of options that make braiding easy. Take, for example, Elena, a natural color side part wig perfect for creating beautiful braids. Another option is Mia-Thick 180%, a loose wave wig with face-framing highlights, which provides a stunning canvas for your braiding skills. Lastly, we have Chase, a brown ombre human hair glueless wig that is also suitable for braiding.

Curly Hair

Water waves, body waves, and loose wave wigs thrive on regular sprays of water to create those coveted wet and wild curls. Being immersed in the sea and pool throughout the day is like having a secret advantage or cheat code for maintaining their stunning look!

Janice, a water wave wig with luscious curls, is perfect for capturing stunning photos by the sea or poolside. Alternatively, the Caribbean deep wave wig offers versatility with its attractive side-part style.

Hairstyles with Headband

Elevate your style with a vibrant headband that adds a burst of color. Not only is it effortlessly chic, but it also keeps your hair in place, preventing unruly strands from obstructing your view under the sunshine.

There are so many choices to complement your style in our collection, such as the silky straight layered wig April, blunt cut bob Kylie, and the dark chestnut brown wig Zoe.

In conclusion

With these tips and tricks, you're ready to embrace the summer vibes and rock your wig at the beach with confidence. Whether you prefer a sleek and stylish look or want to channel your inner mermaid, there's a wig out there for every beach-loving fashionista. 

August 04, 2023


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