We love a good curtain bangs wig.

Curtain bangs wigs are adored for the way they can frame and accent the wearer’s features. They’re the perfect style when you’re aiming for a striking look.

They are very much back in style, and if you go by Instagram and TikTok posts and views, they’ll be here for a while.

But how do you get those gorgeous curtain bangs?

Here’s a quick guide on how to achieve the look at home with limited effort.

What are curtain bangs?

If you’re not sure what style we’re talking about, let’s do a quick review of what a curtain bang hairstyle is.

As the name suggests, the curtain bang is a fringe hairstyle with the hair falling on the cheekbone to either side of the face. You’ll leave your forehead and the middle of your face free of hair where the bang is swept to the sides, almost like an open curtain.

How to style curtain bangs wig

Tools required:

  • Comb
  • Hair scissors
  • Hair razor
  • Hair clips
  • Curling iron
  • Lace front wig

Notes. You’ll want a lace front wig for this style because we’ll be doing a center part. If you get a wig like a Hairvivi wig that comes pre-plucked and with the knots bleached, you won’t need to do any of that additional work before you get started on styling.

 black wig with bangs

blonde wig with bangs

Steps to cut and style curtain bangs on a wig

  1. Get the wig ready. Comb out the hair making sure there aren’t any tangles.
  2. Create a middle part. (Make sure it’s a clean and straight part so your bangs look even)
  3. Create the section for your bang. Going back about 2-3 inches, section out even areas on both sides of the center part in the form of a triangle. Try to get it as even as possible on both sides. (You can use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide to where you can make the parts for the triangles for this section).
  4. Creating the bang. Bringing the section for the bang forward over your forehead, you’ll cut the bang at your preferred length. You can use your nose, cheekbones, or your chin as the guide for where to cut. Use your hair clip to clip away the rest of the hair.
  5. Comb each triangular section parallel to the part keeping the hair between your fingers. Then cut the bangs at an angle. Clip this section out of the way with your hair clip.
  6. Preparing the rest of the wig. Go in and curl the rest of the wig, leaving the sides and front for last. Curl towards the back and at an angle for elongated waves. Swooping downward with a twirl motion works wonders for your curls.
  7. For the rest of the sides from the sectioned area: working in sections, go in on the sides, and using your hair razor (or hair scissors), cut layers into the hair. For each section, cut at an angle for the layers to flow nicely.
  8. Then curl the sides and the bangs away from your face for that open curtain look.

And there you have it – a beautiful curtain bangs wig that gives you that chic retro look. So, go ahead, follow our tips above for the perfect curtain bangs every time.

And if you want a wig that’s easy to work with, head on over to Hairvivi for the perfect wigs to get a wig to create this style.

 curtain bangs wig

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November 05, 2021

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