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How to Select the Perfect Wig for your Face Shape

The right hairstyle for your face shape can change everything. When you see a celebrity hairstyle you like, you might ask your hair stylist to give you the same look but the effect may not be...
June 12, 2024
swiss lace vs hd lace

Decoding the Lace: Swiss Lace vs HD Lace vs Transparent Lace Wigs

Selecting the appropriate lace material is essential for achieving a natural and seamless hairline when using lace wigs. The most frequently used options are Swiss lace, HD lace, and transparent lace. We are going to introduce the distinct characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each lace type.
July 24, 2023
how to stop wig from shedding

Wig Care 101: How to Stop Wig From Shedding

As an experienced wig manufacturer, Hairvivi is here to enlighten you on the most typical reasons for hair wig shedding and provide useful tips on how to minimize shedding.
June 30, 2023
fake scalp wig

New Scalp Color - Americano: Ideal for Darker Skin Tones!

Hairvivi has been working for years to ensure it just as the hair grows out from your head which matches your skin naturally. We offer pre-sewn fake scalps and true-scalp tapes, coming in three different colors for you to choose from. We are excited to introduce the new color "Americano", which fills a gap in the current selection!
June 29, 2023
The Polished Professional – 7 Work Hairstyles for the Busy Professional (Hairvivi Approved)

The Polished Professional – 7 Work Hairstyles for the Busy Professional (Hairvivi Approved)

Look and feel like the polished professional you are with these 7 work hairstyles. All are easy to do and you can find a wig for these work hairstyles with ease.
September 16, 2022

6 Misconceptions People Have About Wigs

There are many untrue misconceptions about wigs, especially from those who have never tried them before. Let's talk about 6 common wig misconceptions and dispel any misunderstandings about wig wearing. Wigs...
August 05, 2022
beginner friendly

Summer Wig - Dos and Dont's

Ladies, summer is here. It is time to refresh your summer look. The hot season for wig wearers brings specific challenges: a hot and sweaty scalp, damp hair, and potential heat...
June 11, 2022
How to Choose the Perfect Scalp Color

How to Choose the Perfect Scalp Color

When wearing wigs, some people prefer the scalp to look more natural; therefore, they use the fake scalp method that makes the wig look incredibly natural, similar to your own....
May 14, 2022
wig accessories for wig wearing

Must-Have Wig Accessories

To achieve the ultimate perfection, use wig accessories to play an essential role in your wig wearing experience. These are low-cost yet amazingly effective for a realistic look and extending your wig's lifespan. So,...
April 23, 2022
blonde human hair wig

How To Select Your First Wig

We're sure there would be lots of questions popping into your head when trying to select your very first wig. How do I buy a wig for the first time? What kind of wig...
March 25, 2022
5 Mistakes When Wearing Wigs And How to Avoid Them

5 Mistakes When Wearing Wigs And How to Avoid Them

Wig wearing has so many benefits! Achieve a fresh new hairstyle quickly and damage-free while protecting the health of native hair. To help enhance your wig-wearing experience, we have summarized 5 common mistakes...
March 12, 2022
How To Achieve The Most Natural Wig Application

How To Achieve The Most Natural Wig Application

Achieving the most natural wig is a common concern among wig wearers or wig beginners who are purchasing for the first time. The issue could discourage wig lovers, particularly beginners - but have no fear!...
February 25, 2022