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Brown Human Hair Wigs

The brown color is anything but boring with the right brunette. As we all know, brown color is one of the most common colors in our life, but being common doesn’t mean it’s boring, Hairvivi stylists prove that our brown wigs are rather attractive since we choose right shades after experiencing thousands of color dying tests. Therefore we can round up the beautiful colored wigs perfectly matching to your skin tone show on our website.

From gorgeous light brown wigs like caramel and honey brown wigs to dark brown wigs such as chestnut brown wigs and brown sugar wigs, we’ve got you covered, so you can surely find a right brown lace front wig you like on Hairvivi. Or if you just wanna play up the brown wig with blonde highlights, even need a brown curly wig, you are also in your right place. Hairvivi fake scalp wigs with brown highlights such as Bella, are quite hot among our customers.


What you need to do is cut lace. Our hand-tied hairline in natural transition and perfectly bleached knots together with the fake scalp serve the brown lace front wig a realistic and natural look. In addition, the preadded piano keys elastic band with combs can be adjusted to fit your head size.

Just get ready to be amazed!