Ladies, summer is here. It is time to refresh your summer look. The hot season for wig wearers brings specific challenges: a hot and sweaty scalp, damp hair, and potential heat damage. For those of us who deal with wigs every day, we understand completely! We have some do's and don'ts for summer wigs to help you keep calm and keep your wig healthy this summer.

1. Do not expose your wig to direct sunlight for a long time

Can I wear a wig in direct sunlight? Definitely, you can. However, sun exposure for a long time should be avoided. Too much strong and direct sunlight could cause dry and fading of human hair wigs. So, to keep your human hair wig fresh and healthy, we suggest wearing a headscarf or hat for extra protection before going out. If you don’t like to do that, UV protective spray also works for protecting the wig from direct sunlight. Besides, it is better to remove the unit, store it on a mannequin head and keep it cool in perfect condition!

2. Try not to swim with a human hair wig 

Swimming is a good activity in summer. Can I wear a wig to swim? Yes, you can. But we strongly recommend not to do this. Most lace front wigs need to use glue to add security, however, your wigs may be easy to fall off when you are swimming. Besides, salt water and chlorine can strip your wig of moisture, causing potential drying and tangling which shortens wig's working life. If you have to swim with the hd lace wig, we recommend wearing a snug-fitted swim cap to protect your wig hair. Plus high quality human hair wigs are expensive and synthetic wig is low-cost that might be better for swimming.

                                  blonde bob wig human hair

3. Keep your wig clean and conditioned

As sweat and hair oil will appear more quickly during the hot summer, your wig would be damaged without regular washing and maintenance. Of course, that would depend on how often you wear it. Washing it once a week would be better if you wear it daily. Next, conditioner! A good conditioner is a secret to keeping that silky soft hair, eliminating tangles, and protecting hair from unwanted damage. Yes, keeping your wig clean and conditioned matters! 

4. Lighten your wig color & shorten your wig length

As the seasons change, we have a lot of things that change with it, including the choice of color matching. The warmer the temperature, the lighter the color since light colors will absorb less heat than dark colors and keep your look fresh in the summer. Admittedly, the choice of hair color is also the same. Picking up a blonde hair color is a safe choice to combat the heat. Blunt cut bob, bob wig with bangs, and pixie curly wig are perfect choices for summer.

human hair bob wig 

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June 11, 2022

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