Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to plan for date night (or day).

Which easy Valentine’s Day hairstyle should you go for that’s not only gorgeous but flirty for the most romantic day of the year?

Let’s find out.

These are our pics for the top 5 easiest Valentine’s Day hairstyles you can rock this February 14 and beyond.

V-Day Style 1. Dark Red Hair W/ Side Part

glueless wig

This fun and flirty date night hairstyle is picture-perfect for a night out.

But what if you don’t want to color your own hair to achieve this gorgeous look … that’s going to involve a lot of bleaching and dying. You can get a colored wig to make getting this fun and flirty style easy.

We especially love Hanna (an HD lace wig of 100% human hair) because she is red and the perfect symbol for Valentine’s Day. And as she’s an HD lace wig, you can do the side part and style without worry.

V-Day Style 2. Sleek/Straight with Flipped Ends

For a cute yet sassy hairdo, check out the straight hair with flipped ends.

You can achieve this look with a shoulder-length bob (meaning your hair stops just at or a little above your shoulders). Or you can go a little longer – below the shoulders – if you’d prefer more length.

And not to worry. You don’t need to cut your own hair for this look to work for you. You can achieve the same style with a bob wig.

Order a bob wig like our Kylie lace front human hair wig for the shoulder-length look, or the Issa lace front wing for the longer length.

As this is 100% natural hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant before you curl. With a good quality protectant, you’ll also help to reduce frizz. So, install your lace. Do a middle part (the lace blends well with your scalp so that’s easy).

Then, working in sections using a flat iron, pass the iron over each section, flipping under towards your face when you get to the ends. When finished, set the look with your hairspray.

V-Day Style 3. Small Dainty Braids in Hair

glueless hd lace wig
It’s one of the simplest styles we’ve chosen today. But it’s no less fun for an easy hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.

It’s like a Straight Hair with Flipped Ends style but with flirty braids at the sides framing your face. So, how to get the look?

Section out two small areas on either side of your front middle part. Style the rest as you would for the Straight with Flipped Ends we mentioned above. Then, braid the front sections downward and away from your face to get a nice face-framing effect.

If styling this look with a wig, you’re going to want a lace front to ensure it looks like your scalp for the middle part. Use a similar wig to our Kylie or Issa lace front wigs and you’ll quickly get the look.

V-Day Style 4. Face Framing Updo

Face framing is a layered effect similar to curtain bangs growing out but longer.

It can be jaw length or longer. And being left out, it’s perfect for tucking behind the ear in a flirty fashion on date night. Plus, the face framing style will accentuate your facial features while coming across totally effortless.

To get the face-framing updo, you’ll section out a small area to the front and center of your hair. Catch the rest of your hair into a bun – it can be sleek or a messy bun. Then, part the section left out down the middle and style to frame your face. You can keep it straight and sleek or style it curled.

And, of course, you can do this style with a Hairvivi wig. Nina, a shorter lace wig bob lets you get your bun and face-framing do. Our Bambi short curly hair with ombre highlights is also another great option for this style.

V-Day Style 5. Flipped Ends Ponytail

Flipped ends ponytail is a retro look that never gets old.

Gather your hair up into one and secure with a hair tie leaving the ponytail out. (Try and get a band that matches your hair color). Brush your hair on the sides and back and use a quality defining cream on the sides to make them smooth with a little sheen.

Now that you have your ponytail, hide the elastic/hair band used to secure it. You can either use a piece of the hair to wrap it tightly around the hair tie for a sleeker style. Or get a fun and stylish hair accessory (like a faux scarf scrunchie or bow) to hide the hair tie.

Work on the ponytail. Spray with a heat protectant on the section. Then, using a flat or curling iron, smooth the hair in sections, flipping outwards at the end for that sexy retro ponytail look.

And of course, you can use a frontal wig for this Valentine’s Day hairstyle.

Get a shorter hair length (like a 12 or 14 inch) to make it easier to style your V-Day date night look. A frontal wig like our Amanda, our kinky straight frontal makes it easy to get a ponytail without showing that you’re wearing a wig.

Which date night hairstyle are you getting for Valentine’s Day?

When cupid’s arrow hits, make sure you’re ready for a fantastic date with your S.O., or maybe spending the night out with your ladies.

Ensure your look fits your outfit. Choose a romantic, flirty, or fun hairstyle for Valentine’s Day to fit the occasion.

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January 29, 2022


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